Rodney King Seminar

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Fusion Mixed Martial Arts and Empire Martial Arts is proud to be hosting a Rodney King - Crazy Monkey Boxing Defense Seminar.
If you want to learn cutting edge boxing, this is the place to be. If you need to know who he is just go to my website for more info (Click on the STWA, or Crazy Monkey Icon).

The Seminar is on June 17, 18, 2006 - the cost will be 125.00 US dollar (before June 1, 2006).
Pass this email along to anyone who you might think is interested in improving there boxing (clinch boxing/dirty boxing).

He was listed as the top "20 Best Street Fighters in the Martial Arts World" in the April 2006 issue of Black Belt Magazine.

to find out more about Rodney King click here

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Download flyer here:
485 kb - pdf file

Yeah, that is the running joke with my students.
How to sue the LA Police dept, and make a lot of money


Can't we all just get along???

ya at first I was like WTF

Those who are interested call Fred at 416-497-9902

Call Fred ???
Is Fred going to make it to my seminar that I am hosting, or did you mis-post.
I have several people who are interested in coming, you guys can car pool.

By the way Empire Martial Arts is really nice school. You guys can grapple, spar and train all day while we are there (between - session, etc).

Alan - the owner of Empire is currently making arrangement for cheap accomdations...

If you can get friend from you gym to come with you. Car Pooling arrangement can be arrange


Hey guys. Alan Condon is cool, and runs a great gym. There will no doubt
be a lot to learn at this seminar.


Rodney King's Seminar in Albany
Time Comfirm

Saturday June 17, 2006
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Sunday June 18, 2006
10:30 am - 1:30 pm

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