Rodney King U.S. Seminars in 2005?

Any rumors/information of when and where Rodney King might be teaching in 2005? Thanks for the info!

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Hey There,
Sorry it has taken this long to reply I have been
sitting on a beach in Cape Town. nice to have had some

So far and things change all the time, I should be in
the States in Oct/Nov. As soon as I have fixed dates
and places I will elt everyone know.

Also in March I will be in Poland and then Slovakia.
Matt wanted me to go with him to the UK and Irealnd
possibly next year as we will see waht
happens with that.

Of course i will be back at Kon's place in Singapore
next year as well. I hope to have my itenary tied down
by the end of Jan 2005.




We are planning on hosting a LARGE Camp in Fall 05. . . .on the East Coast. I wont have anymore details until after March, but I can tell you for sure we intend on having Rodney there.

If you are not on the SBGi mailing list you can do so by clicking on the website and we will update you on all that.

Did you say "EAST COAST"???!!!

WOW, thats awesome! Instead of flying to Portland, maybe Jim Grove and I can drive to the East Coast location!

Please say its at Luis's place so after the camp, we all can go to Disney World so I can full-fill my life long dream of purchasing and wearing those Mickey Mouse ear hats!!!

Make it happen Matt!!!


Yep, East Coast, Luis or I will announce after March Camp. . .in April sometime, the details. We are looking at early Nov.

Any chance Chico can make it to Hawaii?

Not sure about Hawaii. . .but East Coast is for sure, and we will announce the dates at th start of April.