Rodney Kings Interactive Gym?

Has anyone gotten involved with this? Can someone give me more info?

I am a member. Rodney has been very helpful in answering my


The interactive gym is an awesome's just taking time to convince people that it is. I feel it is working out great and the members who have joined of which there are several are getting personal attention just as if they where in the gym with me every night. As you can ask any question you like about stand-up, it is an awesome opportunity to improve your game no matter if you just started or have been training for a while.

These days I am too hectic to answer all my e-mails personally and as the Interactive Gym is paid by members they get first dibs on my time....I know it has made a great impact on their training and seen that several people are asking questions at one time, you get too see their videos as actually there just is too much to learn.

If you want to join got to the following link



Store link