Rodney King's street boxing

Has anyone hear seen Rodney King's street boxing video series? Any opinions or reviews?

I am interested in finding a tape series that will give me some insight into how to use boxing in a street or MMA/NHB context. Given that, is this video series worth getting?

Ask on the JKD folder...many there own the video.

Rodney frequents there as well, you can ask him a few questions...

I've got the SBG series of Rodney's. It's pretty good. Rodney really knows his stuff and gives lots of info. with very little replay of technique over and over(that's what rewind is for!)

Those cops fucked him up, why would you want to learn from his ass? Hehehehehehehe.


Rodney King is a piece of shit and while the cops went overboard, he got what he asked for. He was on PCP going 100 miles per hour running from the law. He refused officers instructions and paid a price. His passenger did just as the cops said and he never took one hit. Rodnhey has been in alot of trouble since and I for one hope he gets another ass whipping like that, only not from cops because cops cannot behave that way in a legit society but it still does not change the fcats that a guy on PCP endangering the lives of numerous people in a car chase deserves his ass whipped. As far as I am concerned he got off easy.

Anyone other than menapace have anything to say on this thread about the streetboxing tapes and not about police brutality?

I feel so bad for Rodney that he has to fight through the confusion that people like Clemson spew. He must have spent the last few years saying "No.Not THAT Rodney King!"


There are two series, one directly from Rodney and one through the SBG.

There's a review of the Rodney series at sfuk.

Havent seen either series myself, got to wait for some spare cash.

Everyone seems to say good things about them. Bit the criticism seems to be that....

1. In the sparring footage you dont really see the CM techniques used.

2. The guard is very high (like MT shelling) and it can feel difficult to get shots off from this hand position. Plus the videos mainly concentrate on defense.

Though, I believe there are further series coming out that will concentrate on offensive techniques.


"The guard is very high (like MT shelling) and it can feel difficult to get shots off from this hand position."

He does demonstrate how to strike off of the CM in the series.

Other than that I agree with your post...Rodney is making a new series and has asked for input on what to include.

Go over to the JKD folder and make a few suggestions!

ttt for some experienced boxer to tell us what he thinks of Rodney's tapes.

The video comes with a bonus pack of PCP.