Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros

For anyone who knows,

I've been growing a tad bit confused lately. I've noticed that there is a set here by Rodrigo Medeiros:

As well as another set with "Comprido" being sold here that was taught with Cavalcanti:

PLEASE say im not smokin crack and say these are two different dudes with EXACTLY the same first and last name (Like a brazillian Bob Smith, or Bob Thomas, or some other common American names).

Don't know what you have been smokin', but it appears you pasted the same page 2x. ???

yes they are two different people. one is from the calrson gracie team. he has a school in san diego. and comprido is a brasa blackbelt from brasil.

2 different guys.

Lol Gizer, my bad, Link fixed. Thanx Marcovia, I've been pulling my hair out over that one for a while now.

lol no problem

fortunately Marcovia has a clear and knowledgable mind.

Is the comprido set any good? I know he's good.   I've just never heard anything about it really.

havent seen the dvds sorry

Depends, what are you looking for in a dvd\? Cumprido does a move a couple of times, explains it in portuguese, the jacare explains it in english, repeats the move a couple of times, then slow-mo a few times.

It's an old-school instructional dvd.

Moves are typical of the alliance system.

Define "alliance system"?

similar to the stuff Fabio Gurgel and Leo Vieira shows

Who explains it in English which Jacare........ Calvalcanti or DeSouza.. which Rodrigo? huh?