Rodrigo Gracie coming to MN.

The American School of Martial Arts would like to invite you to a two day seminar with Rodrigo Gracie. I do not need to list his credentials. Two days for 150.00 if you pre pay by May 10th, 180.00 at the door if there is room.

Seminar location: American School of Martial Arts

                7125 126th St. W. suite 300

                Savage, Mn. 55378

Date: June 3-4 Sat. gi Sun. no gi

You can mail your payment to above address or to pay by credit card call 952-746-1458. Or go to

If you do not have a gi you can go both days without

Worth every penny!


what is the two day seminar going to entail? Is it possible to go on one day or is it just the two day deal?

you can go for one day I really don't know what he is going to cover


I've been to two of his seminars.

He shows some basic, entry level stuff (like he should, for the newer folks), but he also spends a good amount of time on things you THOUGHT you knew.

He will cover moves you have been using for a while and, usually, hitting very well. Then he shows you a couple details and you understand 1) why it wasn't working some times and 2) what to do to corret it.

It's good stuff. I'll endorse it.




tells wife we're moving to Minnesota

Rodrigo. Definite good stuff. Unfuckinbelievable grappler.

We had the fortune of having him in mex, his was the seminar I've liked the most ever!! really cool guy!!






Aasen, I left you a message on here, just so ya know


Expect a great seminar.