Rodrigo Gracie seminar In Orlando

Rodrigo Gracie Seminar at Apex Martial Arts 11049 W. Colonial Dr. 34761
On the Corner of 50 and Maguire

Seminar Friday 6:00-7:30Pm no gi only $20.00 That is not a misprint!!!
Satuday11:00-1230 gi $20.00
Sunday 900-1030 am no gi $20.00

This seminar is held at my friend Jon Burke's new school he is a brown belt under Royce Gracie!

Call 407-905-9982 Ask for Jon

Thanks and have fun!





Rodrigo is the man. Anyone who is close should definately check out his seminar.


Someone told me that Rodrigo is Jay Hieron's teacher? and as Jay Hieron is fighting in the UFC on Saturday night, then why isn't Rodrigo cornering for Hieron? Or maybe I got it wrong, maybe he just trains with Hieron?

Rodrigo is Jay's jiu-jitsu teacher, but I think Renzo's guys have a
problem with Baroni. i'm not sure.

Rodrigo is an amazing teacher and a very nice guy. I highly recommend his seminars.

This saturday??? Man, I've already got plans for tomorrow. One being UFC at my buddy's house.


Hey Ross, do you have any fight shorts left around? I've been wanting to get a pair of those gold Rival shorts for a long time. I'm still unsure as to what happened with your company. Later

A Rod Gracie tournament for $20, WOW


ttt for Rod!

$20 is a steal.
easily worth double the price of a Royce seminar.

ttt for Rod! If he's giving privates, you people should book one....he's an outstanding teacher and his detail instruction and explanation of the moves is incredible!




rod is jay's teacher. rod couldn't make it vegas this weekend to be in jay's corner.

baroni does have beef with renzo's guys (mostly the serra's) but that hasn't stopped rod and baroni coaching jay together in previous fights.