Rodrigo Gracie vs. BJ Penn?

It's rumored for K1. Who's your pick? I'll take Rod by gnp decision. Both are great enough to avoid subs, both have very solid standup (Penn possibly being more technical with Rodrigo having the heavier hands), neither gas out, etc. Rod is heavier. Who wins?

Rodrigo's beaten Hyato Sakauri. That's no small feat.


"ummmmm, how many munidals championships does Rodrigo have?.... oh, thats what i thought."

Rodrigo has proven himself in no-gi grappling while BJ's mundial title is gi. Big difference. I'd say Rod's jiu jitsu is beter for mma.

great match up... tough call...

I'd LOVE to see that one. Great match-up for sure, I hope it happens.

Rodrigo would win this fight. 2 big 2 tech 2 much


Rodrigo is an ADCC champ. His grappling is just fine. Ask CArlos Newton, Kareem Barkleev and Genki Sudo.

Great fight. Rod takes this one by dec.

2 great fighters, but I would pick Rodrigo to win.  I'd like to see that fight for sure.

no doubt both fighters are tuff. My heart goes with my boy Rod, the highlander is a bad mofo.

Is K-1 MMA still even in business?

tough fight for BJ, keeps fighting bigger and bigger guys. Even though, BJ will take it JD. No subs or KOs here.

LOL @ someone doubting Rodrigos grappling. I think he may beat Penn, should be interesting. Even though I dont really like Penn you cant underestimate him, the SOB keeps kicking peoples asses left and right.

What's next...BJ going for the HW title?

Scary fight for both!! Man is there anybody BJ won't fight? Gotta say he's got "BIG BALLS"!! Maybe thats why he fights bigger guys! LOL..

  • get that man a wheelbarrel to carry his balls*

Hayato Sakarai. Yes big accomplishment. Smashing Matt Hughes, Much much bigger..... And trust me, Rodrigos hands are not heavier. If this one is a go Rodrigo will be defeated.

Great fight! Great fighters!
Tough call, I like both fighters...but, I hope Rodrigo wins

Why is everyone keeps saying Rodrigo is heavier, he is 80kg just like BJ penn, either is, or will be for the fight.

BJ is on fire at the moment, BJ by GnP.