Rodrigo Gracie

Submitted by: Kid Peligro / ADCC JJ Editor
Posted On 01/06/2004

H O T Property = Rodrigo Gracie

It seems that Japan has discovered Rodrigo Gracie. After his 3 Pride appearances with grand entrances as 'Changeman' and great results (3 - 0), the young Gracie was in high demand during his last stay in the Land of the Rising Sun! This past December Rodrigo, who was in Japan for Shockwave 2003 in support of Royce, Ryan & Daniel, was approached not only by Pride but also by K-1 for possible appearance in their shows!

Everyone is keeping their mouths shut and we don't know what K-1's plans for Rodrigo would be but in light of Genki Sudo's win in the year end K-1 and the fact that the two have already fought in ADCC 2001, one could speculate that would be one possible scenario and it would be a great match with lots of action and excitment.

More on this as it develops, but one thing is sure: Rodrigo is HOT property in Japan.


That's a strange coincidence . . . I just watched Rodrigo v. Genki yesterday night while reviewing some old ADCC tapes. Rodrigo swept him and threw him about six feet away. It was great.

Stupid match if it happens. Rodrigo's a middleweight, right?

Two weight division difference, ie 30 lbs. Funny how that wasn't mentioned in the article.

I find Rodrigo boring.


Rodrigo is awesome, and a super nice guy too. He deserves it!

Didn't they both have to be in the 66-76kg area to be fighting in that division at Abu Dhabi?

Ya, Mark, im quite sure it was in that weight class in AD. It was about 3 years ago I think or the 2nd tournament.

Rodrigo also beat Newton in the first AD.

Rodrigo seems very promising at this point.

Man that is awesome..Of all the top fighters I have met, few are as down to earth and humble as Rodrigo Gracie..I hope he ends up getting HUGE paydays in Japan. Can't think of anyone who deserves it more. He is a great fighter, I know cause he kicked my ass..

daniel is the most boring gracie.

I predict big things for Rodrigo Gracie in the future. Go Rod!!

BTW..."classy" post from Quincy also!

Gary Hughes

You haven't lived until you've watched Rodrigo twist someone up in a know while doing fifteen minutes worth of dialogue from the movie "Commando."

Who is he the son of? Is it Rorion?

His father is Relyson Gracie.

Gary Hughes

Relson is Royces brother? What happens if they run out of R names?

Relson is Royce's brother, Relyson is not.

Gary Hughes

Who is Reylson, Ithought you mispelled Relson,lol

howardo, now you know why they never risk running out of names that start with an R. They just make slight variations...

Yes the weight class was under 77kgs but Rodrigo ahd to drop a lot of wieght to get there. It ceratinly seemed to hurt him as the tournament went on. I don't htink he would do that again. Rodrigo is probably about 180 lbs or so, Genki fights at 155 but does cut wieght to get there. I wouldn't be shoked if he came into the fight(if there is one) at about 170. So there would only be a 10 lb difference and that's not an absurd amount. Guys have more than that regularly in fights becaue of wieght cutting so what's the difference?

You would have to look at the Gracie family tree, but I think he's on the Carlson Gracie side of the family. There's lots of good Gracies out there.

Gary Hughes