Rodrigo Gracie

Thanks, I am changing my name to rowardo, it will be pronounced the same,right?

Who's the white guy on the left;)

"Who is Reylson"

Reylson is son of Carlos Gracie..he is a 9th degree blackbelt...I believe he teaches a brand of gracie jiujitsu geared for common people and focuses less on competition style BJJ. His ranks seem easier to attain than others, I dont think he requires all the tourney wins others do...

The white guy on the left is Rodrigo!!

Rod deserves the attention he's getting from Japan. The man
is a natural entertainer, and a tough mutha-focker.

"what the heck is that thing on Royces belt"

It is something Rockson made with his dad...Royce has it in his belt for good luck and to honor Rockson's memory.