Rodrigo Medeiros Holiday Special

Rodrigo Medeiros Holiday special is now up. 89.95 for all 8 DVDs. Check them out at

That is a sweet deal!

ttt for Island


how long are these Christmas specials?...and what about joe's gaurd passing (please)?...thanks yall...MSF

thats a steal - one of the best sets I've ever seen

These specials will run through Dec 31st. Joes Guard series will be on a very special sale starting this monday. This will be for a limited time though

man, I just ordered the joe moriera dvd's. it is always my luck that as soon as order a dvd set it will go on sale 3 days later. that is really frustrating. what is the sale going to be?

All Island DVDs are in regular storage boxs with printed discs. See them at

Ya Mon

All Island DVDs are in regualar DVD boxs now with printed discs. See it at


E mail us RE: your order

If you get this set your game will take off!

Medeiros is awesome, I wish he made another set.

thanx for the response...ttt