Rodrigo VS Penn in K1 next month!!

Whoever wins........

this could be "Fight of the Year"

mma rules?

I though K-1 dumped the MMA bouts??

actually this info is incorrect.

Penn is fighting at ROTR in November, and K-1 in December.

"I though K-1 dumped the MMA bouts??"

No, they dumped the MMA Only shows, but they are keeping MMA bouts on kickboxing cards.

I would love to see Penn lose two in a row!First the ass beating Sherk will give him then the ass beating Rodrigo will give him will be awesome to watch.

Ufc.. not gunna happen..not gunna.. lol

Ufcbarbarian i bet over your life time youve "loved to see" many things happen that never did. dont get your hopes up, buddy.

After MUCH thought, Penn will WIN..........