Rodtang to Defend Flyweight Muay Thai World Championship against Superlek 9/22

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Take lek, for example, which means small in Thai . Many fighters who are small in stature have the word lek in their fight names, such as #1-ranked flyweight contender “The Kicking Machine” Superlek Kiatmoo9. When he first started Muay Thai, he was small but strong, so the owner of Kiatmoo9 named him Superlek.


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Regardless how this fight goes, I don’t think Rodtang is going to have a very long career. Dude takes way too many clean shots. That shit is going to cut a few years off of his career.


I would agree but the only thing thats going to stop him is bodily injuries. These thai genetically are not prone to get CTE.

Google CTE and genetics/epigenetics

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They also spar VERY lightly

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Agree with you that his style will take years off his career, but to be fair Rodtang has already had over 300 fights.


Superlek. Liam Harrison agrees.

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Holy shit, one more week!!!

I havent looked, but is this an early fight? I will be at BKFC event on the 22nd. Id hate to miss this one.

Will be continental Asia prime time I imagine

Yeah, it seems like that’s common for most of these Thai’s. Let’s just say he’s likely not going to have the career longevity of a Nong-O, Saenchai, or Superlek. And while the same could be said for many other fighters, I just think his career in particular will be cut significantly shorter as a result of letting everyone tee off on him. It’s gonna be an ugly loss one of these days and the beginning of the end.

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Im more excited for this then the shitty JBJ vs old man Stipe fight


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Me? No. Watch those dude spar, its like play fighting

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