Roe v. Wade overturned

Read what you wrote, asshole.

You merely credulously repeat their rationalization “per the Constitution”.

Now read my post again.

Do I have to give a fcking lesson now in logical fallacies?..

Take PHIL 101.

Again, cowboy… .MUCH better for you to stick to your screen name and PASTE memes and snippets… the posting stuff is just not for you…

Any reasonable person should believe politicians whenever they say they did something for principled reasons, that happens to benefit themselves and their donors?

Fucking lol, I’ll remember that. Too funny.

Well, there is ONE piece of evidence we DO have.

Roe was BAD law.

The rest is you reading minds… “too funny”…

Please… save yourself and post a MSNBC article…

Oh, I did. Aced it. There’s no ad hominem there, nor any reading of your mind, which is why - as usual - you did not “state a basis” for your claim. That seems to be your thing. Bullshit call-outs, back up absolutely nothing, maybe vaguely say (falsely) “oh the answer’s already been posted”.

Sure sure. And if there’s one thing Republicans (or politicians, if you prefer) have a problem with on principle, it’s bad law.

I see… you’ve got nothing and have now run out of steam… lay down, boy, you’re panting and your tongue is hanging out. Get some water.

And as always, you flip things from YOUR claims to trying to divert and create ‘claims’ others make. Same ol’ same ol’…

Carry on with your ranting and attempted diversion from your dumb initial statement… hilarious that YOU are the guy who jumped in telling everyone what the Republicans are REALLY thinking and doing underneath it all, with NO BASIS, lecturing to the thread… and NOW you are all butt hurt because someone actually engaged with you.

You and kevsh, spjackson, ksacs… all the same… try to find any thread where there is a conservative tilt, put on your tight rainbow tank top and booty shorts and jump up and down for attention, then complain when your ass gets fucked too hard.

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This was just the beginning of the battle in the states…. Did everyone just think Molech is gonna give up on centuries of blood sacrifices? This is just starting.

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Well, we know you / Team Left don’t… as long as it “gets them what they want”… lol.
But the difference is for YOU that is principled… you are a gem.

Long post that, as expected and predicted, fails to “state the basis” for your (false) claims of ad hominem and mind-reading.

Long-winded AND evasive, what a fucking combo.

Lawdie, ur a waste of bandwidth.

Ad hominem: Attacking a person’s character or motivations rather than a position or argument.

You merely credulously repeat their rationalization “per the Constitution”.

You claim I am “merely” repeating… i.e., the motivation for MY argument is simply to parrot theirs. And you discount my entire position by doing so, rather than actually taking it on. THAT is an ad hominem.

Further, by doing so you take away any agency from my own position. Denying any possibility that the argument is MINE from me and what I see and think.

How can you conclude that without being able to read my mind?..

OH, and just to be clear (since you seem to be purely literal), I really was not actually making the claim that you ‘read minds’… sarcasm, anyone?..

But, hey, when YOU can’t back up your own claims, I guess your playbook tells you to divert and make issues our of other folks’ minor ones.

False, but congrats on educating us on fallacies by providing us with a great example of a strawman.

The argument I was rejecting was that you had “stated a basis” for believing the GOP’s claimed objective, as you said you had. You didn’t state a basis for believing their claim…you “merely” repeated that claim.

And again, no insight into your thoughts or beliefs was needed in my post, it was a description of what you yourself posted lol.

Here’s your full paragraph. Others can decide, since I read it differently than you apparently have reconstructed it.

We agree they wanted it to go back to the states. I say, based on all of GOP’s public actions and statements over the years, that this had nothing to do with any principle other than getting what they want, in this case, closer to across the board abortion bans. You merely credulously repeat their rationalization “per the Constitution”.

Here is your post (to Onthegreen), that I responded to:

Frankly, it makes no sense - as you accuse him of pretending the GOP wanted the amendment to fail… which is ridiculous. And you do so by taking a purely literal approach to his post. He wasn’t saying the GOP was hoping the amendment would fail.

Here is my response. THIS is the “claim” (lol) that started you off…

Of course they didn’t want it to be voted down. But they did want it to go back to the States, per the constitution - which is what Dobbs gave them. That is clearly what Onthegreen is talking about, despite your spin.

What exactly do you have an issue with? YOU HAVE LOST ME. I do not even now understand what GOP talking point you claim I am regurgitating with my ‘per the constitution’ phrase…

You seem to be trying to construct some claim I am making here (strawman?) that you disagree with and I have not backed up. Are you saying that the GOP did not want abortion to go back to the States? You agreed they do.

It seems like somehow you are trying to justify your own argument about what the GOP is really up to (“getting its way” - whatever the fck that means) by attacking THIS statement by me (which I would HARDLY characterize as an “argument”)…

I also posted this, which seemed to set u off:

KEY point here is the one about “evidence” to the contrary… which I note you DELETED from your own quote of this post for self-serving purpose to make it look like I just accept stated motivations without thought.

Yer losing me, kiddo… and what you call a ‘strawman’ up above actually seems to be a fairly reasonable read of your discombobulated “argument” / “claim” (or whatever you care to call it)…

Look, if your main point is that IF the GOP didn’t want to restrict abortion they would not have kept pushing to overturn Roe and would have been fine with letting that bad ruling stand… okay… that would be obvious anyone… but then to somehow go off about nefarious motives and “getting their way” and blah blah… dunno what you’re on about… but the further you go, the further you get into “mind reading”…

See… I played along with you (in good faith), followed your lead, and let you drive us into a tree, knowing where it would go: self-constructed “claims,” “basis,” “strawman,” all while misconstruing others, poorly articulating your own points, hypocritically taking the same short cuts you accuse others of, &c., &c., &c… just to prove my point, as I said at the beginning:

DEBATE is pointless here.

Now, onto more fun / interesting aspects…

For those still butt-hurt about SCOTUS “court packing” to overturn Roe… do you gals actually understand that Kansas does NOT have abortion rights explicitly written in its constitution?

The basis for its SC ruling (in 2019, I believe) that abortion is a constitutional right in Kansas is actually even more poorly discerned than Roe… the ruling was that the Kansas constitution incorporates the Declaration of Independence into it, and the Declaration’s reference to “natural, unalienable rights” implicitly includes “personal autonomy,” which also implicitly covers decisions about abortion.

Will next steps be to try to ‘pack the court’ in Kansas to overturn this tom-foolery?..

I ask because one of the resident Team Left experts has indicated that the GOP will stop at nothing to “get what it wants” (which I believe he believes is total ban of abortions anywhere, everywhere (in all states), and always)… so, what is next here?.. surely the GOP will not allow a referendum to stop them…



It turned out exactly as Tahitidamus predicted and will not happen again. Periodically, reminders need to be given.

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