Roenick goes 4-4 in accuracy shot

sigsn to come for the eventually stanley cup champs flyers...



Roenick and the Flyers rule. ( got 3rd row seats for the game on Ottawa later this month)

Roenick and the Flyers rule. ( got 3rd row seats for the game on Ottawa later this month)

my friend has season tickets....7 rows up I think...
I might get a agme from him before the years end...

I went to a phantoms game this year, front row on the glass!!


Roenick is still no Ray Bourque.

The apology he made to the ref on the pa system was pretty classy though. (if it happened I didn't hear it only heard the announcers talking about it)

Flyers will fall to the Canucks in the finals.

Have a nice day

Yeah they did do really bad in that event last night. But they made up for it in the hardest shot competition.

Arias, are you in Philly?? I am up in Ottawa but see the the Flyers every time they are in town... have not missed them since 85' ( used to drive to Montreal at least once a year)


im in south Jersey...about 20 moinutes from Philly...

I made JEremy last year after the game.....CLASS ACT!


My buddy used to play for the Flyers ( only a few games) and the Phantom./ He lived in Vorhees Jersey,,,
I met JR a few years back with shane Doan and they were both great guys

i work in cool, thats where the fylers practice...u prolly know that

whoa!!!! Cup and Flyers in the same sentence....not this year.
I haven't even been paying attention this season.

Hackett/Esche aren't going to win anything.

Before ya start the bashin'..I live in Philly.

Do yourselves a favor and forget about it.

Arias, I will have to hit you up if I ever make it down there, Love to see a game in Philly. Maybe the Finals this year! My mom lives in Boston so it is not that far

"Hackett/Esche aren't going to win anything."

how true that is..... hmmmm wonder why they went out and traded for seasn burke..... i dont like that one bit.... im a leafs fan and now philly is that much harder to beat!!! but we will prevail.