ROF 11 Photos ("Bang" Ludwig ISKA)

Pics from Ludwig vs. Malapaiet and the rest of the Ring of Fire 11 card are up at www.maxfighting.comThanks and enjoy!Peter Lockley


Ted, They're not for sale now, but that is something I
might work out in the future. I'll post it here if it
ever happens.


Peter.. great shots.. I have seen your work several times before.. and often check your sportsshooter portfolio for updates..

Question for ya.. I assume your shooting digital.. do you use a flash for the fights? What was your iso settings for this event? If your using a higher iso.. how do you deal with noise? I have a 10D, so does good at high iso.. but when I get up around 1600 (mostly in club type events with poor lighting) I still get some noise.. then if use USM, it just makes things worse... any advice for a fan?

Thanks in advanced.. and keep posting the pics!



I try to keep the ISO at 800 (640 if possible, which isn't often,
and 1000 max - I shoot with a 1D and the noise is ok up to
1000), Beyond that I'll go with the fastest shutter speed I can
get, with the aperture wide open. The boxing commission
doesn't allow flash.

Ring of Fire (these photos) was the brightest event I've ever
photographed (including Pride, K-1, UCF), but the problem
was that all the light was pointed directly to the center of the
ring, leaving the corners and anything near the ropes 1- 2 1/2
stops darker. It makes it tough because you have to follow
the action, focus, frame, and change the exposure (when
they move in and out of the dark spots) all at the same time.
That also screws with the focus, becasue the camera can't
pick up a focus point in the dark, so I'll shoot manual focus on
and off.

Hope that helps.


outstanding pics

congrats bang

Peter , what type of equipment do you use ?

LOL @ Bang doing the crane stance, did he fire off a kick?

Awesome pics!

Thanks Peter.. every little bit helps..

ttt for ludwig!

nice pics

Randy, Canon gear for my personal and freelance work
(mostly fight stuff and other sports) and Nikon gear
at the newspaper where I work (which they provide).