ROF puts on another great show

I want to thank Sven and all the fighters for putting on a real great show in Castle Rock last Saturday. The night was full of back and forth fights, great standup and submissions. Jay Jack made it look real easy in his fight in the main event vs John Cronk. This was the third ROF show ive been to and they keep getting better and better

Just wanted to thank Sven for putting on a great show I always love to fight for Ring of Fire.

Hey hulk. youre fight was one of the best back and forth matches there were. how you shrugged off that high kick to the face ill never know

Hey man thanks for coming out and watching the fights, and ya James did have a some good kicks.

He took that kick because he has that typical "LATINO CHIN!!!" He gets kicked like that everytime we spar, so if he wouldn't have shrugged it off his @$*?!^% would have gotten kicked when he returned home!