ROF Results.

I don't have the full results, but I thought I would post my thoughts while they are still fresh in my head.

The Bang/Malapiet fight was one of the most impressive fights I've ever seen. Bang came out a bit tentative, but got stronger and stronger as the fight went on. Bang outboxed him, and actually looked better in the clinch - he basically beat the shit out of the guy. Malapiet was tough as nails, though - he took some shots that no man should be able to take, and his kicks are some of the most intimidating things I've ever seen (power on a level I've never seen before). Both showed great sportsmanship, and both were exciting as hell. You could tell they were having a great time out there, and the crowd ate it up. One of the best fights I've ever seen. Congrats to Bang.

Jay Jack looked amazing, as usual. Unfortunately, Gomm had to pull out of the fight and Jay fought Donny Raines (sp?) instead. I don't know anything about this kid, but mad props to him for taking the fight on such short notice. Jay was slick as hell, and choked him out in probably about two minutes. Hopefully he'll get a shot in the big shows soon.

Gumm lost his fight pretty quickly - looked like he got crunched in the nose on the ground. I was a little disappointed about that, but hey - you win some you lose some.

There was a kid from Egypt there named Ali something, and he was impressive as hell tonight. I saw him fight a couple months ago and he looked sharp as hell on the ground (cartwheel guard passes and all), and tonight he had a Fedor-esque performance punishing the guy with powerful punches, ending it by TKO 16 seconds into the match. This kid has a bright future for sure.

Sven put on one hell of a show. It ran smoothly and all the fights were exciting as hell. Hopefully he can keep this level of show up - tonight was one of the better shows I've ever seen.

that sucks that gomm had to pull out, he is a really good fighter. donny is good too but he doesnt have quite as much experience in bigger shows, he is on his way though...props to jack on the win


Another W for Jay Jack!! I wish I could have seen this show. looks like a good one.