Rogan: CM Punk in UFC is ridiculous

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                                Rogan: CM Punk in UFC is ridiculous

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                    <p>Between fights at UFC 181, pro wrestler CM Punk told UFC color commentator Joe Rogan&nbsp;that he was <a href="" target="_blank">signing with the UFC</a>. Many fans were startled by the move, as although Punk&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 20.8px;">won the WWE&#39;s triple crown (World Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and world champion) faster than any pro wrestler ever, he had no background in any fight sport.</span></p>

Never the less, the UFC signed him, presumably because if they hand't, Bellator sure would have.

"I felt like it was now or never," he told Rogan. "It is now or never. I'm here to get my ass kicked or kick someone's ass... This is my new career."

That was in 2014.

Now Punk, 37, is expected to fight at UFC 199 in June 2016. On a recent JRE podcast, Rogan was not impressed with Punk's decision to sign with the world's leading promotion, rather than starting out in a regional event.

"I don't know what's going to happen with that guy," said Rogan, as transcribed by Newsweek. "I don't understand this whole thing,” Rogan said.

“I also think it's ridiculous for him to fight in the UFC. I think he should fight in a small organization. Take a fight in a small organization, build yourself up. I have always said that’s what should have happened with Brock Lesnar.”

Lesnar at least had one fight outside the UFC first. And then lost his debut. He of course came back to win the title in his third UFC fight, and defend it twice, before losing to Cain Velasquez. And Lesnar was a former NCAA Div I national champion, who went 106–5 wrestling in college.

CM Punk is not an anything, except for a guy who was uniquely positioned to step into a UFC contract in 2014, and due to getting hurt has not been able to fight, in a sport where everyone fights hurt.

It's ridiculous.

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Anyone else think Joe will opt out of resigning when his contract is up in August? Phone Post 3.0

He probably did his research on Punk.

If there was the risk he'd go to Bellator, I understand the signing.

And so should Rogan.

Would not be shocked if Joe didn't re up but he should understand the Punk fight is about trying to get WWE fans to buy into UFC. Phone Post 3.0