Rogan: Gloves, headgear can increase risk

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                                Rogan: Gloves, headgear can increase risk

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                    <p>The road to CTE hell in boxing was paved with good intentions - the majority of safety measures in boxing served only to add to the head trauma. A bare fist cannot hit very hard without breaking; add gauze, tape, and a glove, and it can. A round used to end when there was a knockdown, so fighters would take a knee and get a minutes rest as necessary; 3 minute rounds meant they had to fight on. The standing 8 count just means fights that should be stopped go on.</p>

The drop from 15 championship rounds to 12 was humane, but much of the rest of the historical safety measures were counter productive. MMA personality Joe Rogan recently made a similar argument for mixed martial arts.

Some dumbass from TMZ caught up with Rogan at LAX and asked if increased pads will be required in MMA following the death of Portuguese fighter Joao Carvalho dies in Dublin.

"It's actually better to have no pads," explain Rogan. "No pads you'll take less brain impact that with pads. [Headgear} doesn't help either. Headgear allows the head to move more. There's actually an argument that wearing headgear while you're sparring is actually worse, because there's more of a fulcrum point. Your head can twist..."

Rogan also declined to discuss Carvalho's death, noting that he did not know the specifics, and adding that it was of course a tragedy.

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Everything he said makes sense. Joe is fucking huge now. I need to go shoot a fucking moose and start eating that mutha fucker...

fucking amazes me that so many people still think that the reason there are gloves in MMA is to protect the head of the guy getting punched. lol. Gloves are to protect the fighters hands.