Rogan/Goldie's 180 on Arlovski

Anyone notice the 180 Goldie and Rogan did on Arlovski? In the 1st (understandably) they were talking about how Arlovski looked focused and ready for his fight.

In the 2nd round they continued to rave about his focus and the fact he seemed to be back. By the end of the round it was driving me nuts because he was obviously doing nothing.

It didn't seem to be until the 3rd round after Herb Dean warned the fighters to actually engage that they began to harp on his passivity.

I like Goldie and Rogan, but they seemed a little off tonight.

I am the last guy to go harping on the missteps of other commentators (especially guys like Rogan, who kicks ass), but it did make me scratch my head when he talked about how Werdum had such great sparring with CroCop, then later in the fight talked about how Werdum was hampered by not being able to train with a heavyweight who had the agility and striking ability of Arlovski.

Rogan usually sticks his foot in his mouth and says several conflicting things in a match. In fairness though it did look like Arlovski would push the fight in the first round. But for some reason he was content to throw a combo and back out. Maybe he was too afraid of a takedown but he really didn't push the action. This is what made the last fight with Sylvia boring and now this one. Looks like he caughts Tim's affliction of fighting not to lose and not pushing the action.

Rogan is so bad. Goldie is worse. Get real fucking sportscasters already.

I like Joe and think he would benefit from a strong personality with knowledge like Bas.

Goldberg is a TOTAL hack and has nothing to offer anyone. His lack of knowledge and a spine actually brings Joe down IMO. It is a VERY bad dynamic.