what would the ufc do if their commentator, "joe rogan." beat the ass of an established figher? i put my money on joe.

lol...kotc.that would have been a burn from hell.

"Joe is just a good guy man.. and he handled it perfectly except the "i have things to do this afternoon" He should have just said "no thanks" or "don't worry, you'll get plenty of fights in KOTC"

Are you talking about Linland and Rogan's beef?

a side of beef!

"I'd put my money on Joe"
You'd lose your money. I'd rather see Lindland stay and Rogan go. Like Lindland or not, he has earned a middleweight title shot. Lindland got screwed. Thanks Zuffa for sending another UFC fighter to Pride....

Dealing with a nutcase in a live event ain't easy, and I thought Rogan handled himself superbly.

is the lindlan going to pride speculation,or is it fact? because i feel even if he were to fight there it would only be one time.reasone being he would lay and die on some tomato can for three rounds,and the japanese fans wanna see that shit about as much as american fans.

Anybody remember Lindland biting that guy's ear in the wrestling match?

bye bye woogie

joe could beat some tuf guys

Pride seems to be twice as hardcore about fighters being exciting win or lose. I cant imagine them having any interest in Lindland. Lindland will have to fight for his own show or other small shows. Even KOTC would get fed up with him quickly. He is boring as hell, plain and simple.


Personally, I have to admit that I don't ever want to watch Matt fight again.

I see that he is a very good wrestler, and it helps if he is allowed to bite his opponent. For everyone who loves to watch wrestling, I hope he continues to be active. He is very good at that sport. To each his own.

Please let it not be in mma.

Does anybody really believe that Pride would want Lindland?

he would get handled in pride anyways.

Hey guys let me tell you. Rogan is for real. I rolled with him once when I went to Cali. He submitted me quick, over and over again. I'm no scrub. I'm was a pretty good high school wrestler and I been training in BJJ for about 2 and a half years. Rogan is for real and plus I hear is stand up is better. Just because he is a commentator doesnt mean shit. This dude is for real. If he didn't make so much money doing stand-up and being on the Fear Factor, he would be a fighter.


im down with jo.

I'm not a big fan of either guy, and am well aware that Rogan
trains hard, but Lindland is way tougher that he is getting credit
for, and would likely run through Rogan and Eddie Bravo in an
MMA or street fight only slightly slower than Trigg would destroy
one of the Internet tough guy sport grapplers that are laughing
about his RNC problem.

Lindland always has Sportfight.


matt has always been bald though.

I think Phil Baroni said it best when he said

"There's no such thing as a Matt Lindland fan"