Rogan Raves Grind Of BJJ WIzz MIKEY MUSUMECI

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Mikey Musumeci is one of the most exciting talents in the sport of Brazilian jiujitsu and the ONE Championship star has been hailed for his work ethic by none other than Joe Rogan.

The American is currently training to be the first-ever grappling world champion in ONE when he faces Cleber Sousa for a third time and a chance to become flyweight king at ONE on Prime Video 2.
Musumeci is a is a five-time IBJJF black belt world champion and recently spoke about the level of discipline he applies to become the best. It’s a mindset that clearly impressed Joe Rogan who recently had the grappling savant on his show. The podcast powerhouse posted the video with a caption that read,

“The great and powerful @mikeymusumeci explains the power of the grind.”
Musumeci’s word’s will no doubt resonate with any athlete or indeed, anyone looking to work towards a goal in life.

“So that’s the biggest thing as an athlete. I wake up everyday. I have the same routine. No matter if i’m tired, if I’m not feeling well. Everyday I do the same training. I don’t take any days off. You know I have a goal and it takes a lot of sacrifice for that goal. You have to accept that sacrifice to achieve what you want,” explained the 26-year-old.

“Once you accept that you have to sacrifice to achieve what you want. Once you accept that you have to sacrifice, you have a different perspective of life,” added the ONE Championship star.

“And I have to be grateful that i’m able to sacrifice. Some people don’t have this opportunity that I have. Some people don’t have these opportunities that I have and i’m grateful for them. And I train so hard right now i’m so excited for the fight,” continued Musumeci.
The video drew comments from key figures in the industry including Gilbert Burns and star of MMA show, Kingdom – Frank Grillo who wrote,

“This kid should teach everyone else’s kids who complain all the time.”

The New-Jersey native impressed on his ONE debut when he submitted grappling legend Masakazu Imanari and will look to make history as the Asia-based promotion’s inaugural grappling champion.

There will be two other world titles on the line, as Angela Lee challenges Xiong Jingnan for the ONE Strawweight World Title, and Superbon defends his ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Title against Tayfun Ozcan.



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ha Grillo cunted him, calling him a kid. backhanded-ass compliment that one, what a twat.

well done pizza-guy, i hope he submits everyone and dazzles that fuckin idiot community lol

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you’re a fucking idiot.

haha username checks out. sorry to disrupt your reading pleasure bwahahaha

At least he admits hes lucky to have the opportunity to train full time. Truthfully hes just another rich kid whos parents set him up .

Go work 42 straight 12 hour days on an oil rig and then tell me how much “grinding” your going to be doing.


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You’re a moron. The dude is in his fifties and has kids himself,…if you had watched any of his shows you’d know he uses the term kid because he’s a father himself and is obvious he’s big on parenting your kids, thus what he said here about whinny kids.

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fair play, my enduring apologies to you and that other guy who got upset. maybe you can call someone a kid in America, with no offence taken. I’d suggest no-one tries that in London :o)

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“In da filfy streets ov London…”

His appearance on the JRE was great but fuck…Rogan went on for at least a half hour about the kid only eating one big meal a day.

It’s really not that fascinating Joe!