Rogan Roasted For Awkwardly Eavesdropping On Aldo & Merab

As with professional, there are some criticisms one can make about Joe Rogan and his work as a commentator, but one thing that cannot be debated is his dedication to getting the full experience.

In recent times, there has been a growing amount of criticisms of Rogan and his commentary work for the UFC, but there is no denying the number of historic clips that have only happened because the stand-up comedian was there to ask the hard questions and put the mic in the faces of fighters in the biggest moments of MMA history.

Joe Rogan Is Awkward Again

One of the reasons that Joe Rogan is so good at capturing moments like Conor McGregor’s screams on the canvas after breaking his leg, or Alistair Overeem’s pleads that Stipe Miocic tapped, is because he is not afraid to interject when there are tender or difficult moments in the Octagon. This was present again at UFC 278, after the bantamweight featured bout between José Aldo and Merab Dvalishvili.

Following the fight, the two competitors had an exchange where they knelt in the Octagon together, sharing words in a passing of the torch moment between a legend in Aldo and the hot prospect in Dvalishvili.

However, few noticed on initial watch that Rogan tried to interject and stick his microphone between the fighters.
This was something that was picked up on and shared with a video clip posted to Twitter. Following this, the internet began laughing at the awkwardness of the moment, and the way Rogan tried to eavesdrop on Aldo and Dvalishvili.

“Joe is not on drugs during ufc events so he turns into the fear factor guy again,” one user wrote.
This was another classic Joe Rogan exchange, but all joking aside, one has to respect his intent to give himself and fans the chance to be a part of these raw moments in the sport that is so beloved. And of course, a little bit of poking fun is par for the course with this community

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How is this a news story. Who gives a fuck. MMA journalism is retarded. Their sources are random unnamed twitter users.

“According to @buttfuckerufc69 on twitter, Joe Rogan is the fear factor guy.”


Hes doing people a favor. Many people are curious about what was said. Fans of Aldo and the other one.

Eh, it’s not worth creating a poorly written article about it but also very weird to put a mic in between two fighters talking privately.