Rogan: Rousey got caught in Hollywood trap

LOL whatever Joe, you got suckered by it all and she turned you in to a bumbling mess! The retarded comments just wouldn't stop falling out of your mouth. Phone Post 3.0


In all seriousness Joe didn't help by crying by her mere presence and referring to her as some sort of mythical creature..... Phone Post 3.0
So true. Phone Post 3.0

losing an mma fight is inevitable, even when u r the best. it happens to them all eventually.

She never coming back to the octagon and if she does she needs drop Hollywood and her trainer/lover and go off to a real camp and keep out of the spotlight until fight time. Phone Post 3.0

She was very good at her particular skillset, but her loss was the first time she had to stand and strike with a good kick boxer. I think that was the issue more than Hollywood.

And also the comments about how good her striking was made her less aware of that hole. Rogan was a big part of that one.