Rogan vs.

Snipes? Is this still a posibility? Wesley was at 67 last night.

Zuffa make it happen!!!

I would love to see this go down. Rogan in the cage would be a huge draw.

Rogan would own Blade imo.

rogan would destroy snipes

I would love to see mario get bitch slapped by anyone.

Wanna see Rogan fight once... no andy dick you tube BS, does not need to be tv personality...

"I would love to see this go down. Rogan in the cage would be a huge draw."

lol, yeah for 100 UGers

"Rogan seemed scared last night, I could SENSE it."

No he didn't. Why because blackula was there?

"lol, yeah for 100 UGers"

Rogan was on these little shows called Fear Factor & News Radio I think it would draw more than 100 UG dorks if marketed right.

Isn't Snipes in trouble for back taxes? Fight for a good payday and walk, Blade...

snipes vs rogan can be the preliminary bout for dana vs tito

Hahahaha, those that think Snipes would beat Rogan are smokinsome better shit than Rogan himself. Give me a break.


I want to see Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia. That's just me though. I like grudge matches...

Want to see Rogan in the cage once, before he gets too old. Then he can be a hero to the UG, and spend the rest of his days spoking pot and commentating fights.

Rogan is an actor who makes his career off of his non deformed unsmashed in face. Not saying he would lose, but he probably makes more money commentating than they probably pay all the undercards combined.



I would like to see Rogan vs. 3 barely legal Dutch girls with really big tits.

it would be very unfair for any celebrity to get a shot in the UFC based on their social status. it's a huge slap in the face to anyone who's ever trained their ass off and made sacrifices just to get in the ring. if you want to get in the big show, you should have to work for it and earn it like every other aspiring fighter.

I pull pussy like a rock star too but that doesn't make me any less excited about pussy... so I don't get your point.


Come on Joe, answer the question. Would you ever get into the cage? If no, why not?