Rogans commentary

is better than it has ever been and is still improving. He really seems to have plugged up his holes and I'm really enjoying it the last while. It was always good but I used to feel like he needed a third in there with him (former fighter).

189 was given the amazing commentary it deserved.

must say he is getting better at hosting his podcast too.

i'm grateful he does both of them

VTFU for a positive thread.

Joe is the best.. 

While we're slobbin his knob, check out this recent video of him hitting pads with Kru Mark DellaGrotte, whom I had the privilege and honor of blowing up his spot in the bathroom after Rogan's comedy show at KA. "HEY LOOK IT'S MARK DELLAGROTTE!"

Also Rogan has a Caitlyn Jenner bit, that has to be his best comedy to date...Too funny. One thing I enjoyed is how Joe changes up his act entirely, I saw his comedy special at the Icehouse a little under a year ago, he didn't do any of that material UFC 189 weekend.

He's amazing. I don't think I could possibly enjoy the fights as much as I do without him. Fight companions are great too. Love the guy more than I can express. Phone Post 3.0

Didn't he say he finds Jack Slack educational for the striking aspect or something along those lines? I'm sure he's improving his analysis from reading slacks breakdowns. If so kudos either way. Now if we can just get Goldie to be more informative.

Joes the man! Goldie too. Weather you think the commentary is good or bad, its a part of the show. You hear Rogan and Goldie together and you know its show time for the PPV. Like it or not, the show would definitely not be the same without either one of them, and personally I like Rogan and Goldie a lot more than the teams they use for the free cards. Theres just something about the both of them and the level of excitement they bring that makes it special.

i would like to see video of him at the end of the Mendes Mcgreggor fight

Plugged up holes Joe Rogan is a beast!

I think the other teams are doing good as well

kenny florian is the most analytical and understands the nuances of the fight game better then anyone on the mic right now, I would say. He also knows the names of all the techniques which is something educated fans really appreciate. Anik is a great compliment to Kenny as well.

mma ray - Didn't he say he finds Jack Slack educational for the striking aspect or something along those lines? I'm sure he's improving his analysis from reading slacks breakdowns. If so kudos either way. Now if we can just get Goldie to be more informative.

Thats really great that he is still working on these things, I think there is a noticeable improvement in his striking analysis.

Medusas Weave - why no talk of early stoppage on conor fight? whether he thought it was one or not.


whats to acknowledge if he didn't see anything? I had no thought of it being early until I saw posts of it on the form.

I can't wait for this to be pushed out to FightPass so I can watch it. Such a great card.

Joe's very good at the spoken word art form...

And he brings the fights alive as a commentator.

Yeah it's weird - he was one for a few years, seemingly ignoring criticism but, of late, has been on a tear...Some damn good MMA DMT, eh?

Yea I love Joe commentating. I was pissed when there was a show where both Jo/goldie and Dan Hardy wer commentating and because I was watching the British broadcast I had to listen to Dan....who is fine! But given the choice I wud have rather had rogan. Cudve watched a U.S. Stream but didn't want to downgrade video quality. Phone Post 3.0

Joe rogan is the man. Phone Post 3.0

After listening to so many JREs its like having a friend commentating the ufc, and he is good at it indeed.

To me, Rogan is the voice of the UFC. While I don't mind the other commentators and they've actually grown on me, Joe is on another level, he's a top of the food chain announcer, a savage :)

Seriously, Joe is great at what he does and with his comedic background, he brings that into his work. He's great at describing what is happening, he's passionate, and he can make people laugh while doing it.

The amount of shit he catches on here sometimes surprises me. To be clear, I'm not talking about the constructive criticism, I'm talking about those that straight up shit on Joe's commentary.

One day when Joe retires from the commentary game, I guarantee that the posters that have shit on him in the past will be upset. Just like those that complained about the "Face the Pain" into were up in arms note that they changed it lol

FRAT version - Joe is an icon, but catches a lot of shit, but when he leaves, those that gave him shit will be saying how they miss him. Phone Post 3.0

I have always liked Rogan and Goldie. Rogan at times used to annoy me when he would gush about a fighter the whole fight while ignoring anything the other fighter would do but haven't noticed it in a while.

I really like Florian and Stann as well, they're both good.