Rogan's fat ref vs Palhares sub

Remember when everyone was harping on Joe Rogan for questioning the overweight ref's ability to do his job at 154?

Remember when Joe refused to apologize, citing concerns for fighter safety?

I often disagree with Joe, but in light of the Palhares submission, I have to say Joe was prescient on this one.

The ref dived in and intervened in Palhares' sub. Could the significantly overweight 154 ref have moved in that quickly? No.

The consensus is that Paulhares held the sub too long and only released when the ref's intervention was forceful. I think it's fair to say that had the overweight ref from 154 been the third man in the ring the other night, that sub would have stayed on even longer.

Joe Rogan gets it right, sticks to his guns, and gets vindicated.

Very true. Most of the time Joe is spot on and his observations are the best because of him not giving a fuck about skirting around the truth. Phone Post 3.0

honestly, heavy feller might have been able to pancake, or smother Mike's knee and ankle, actually using his obeseness as a press to prevent further torquage, and in the process, all those extra fatty cells would be used to SAVE ligaments!!!

did you think this one all the way through OP?!? Phone Post 3.0

Imagine if Palhares was a HW and they had Winslow or someone smaller in there?

They need to bring back the "ref tasers" Phone Post 3.0

ChaosOverkill -

Imagine if Palhares was a HW and they had Winslow or someone smaller in there?

Palhares is practically a heavyweight he's like 200 Phone Post 3.0

The argument against banning Palhares seems to revolve around the speed (or lack thereof) with which the ref physically intervened.

Winslow would have been able to get down there quickly. The larger gentleman might not have been as nimble.

Anyone remember when Big John broke that guy's nose diving him off his opponent in one of the earliest UFCs?