Roger Bowling

 Roger Bowling is fighting on the March 5th, Columbus OH Strikeforce event and needs an opponent

Help Ohio's own Nick "Savage" Duell get on the card and help him get this fight by tweeting @Rich_Chou that you want to see this fight happen

Both fighters are 7-1, both like to stand and bang, and both are from OH. It would be a classic Vision MMA vs StrongStyle MMA fight, a Northern OH, vs Southern OH matchup...Nick is on the verge of breaking into the big show, and what better time then an Ohio event, against another up and coming fighter from the state.

if you have seen him or Roger fight, then you know this one will be a brawl and a fight for the fans!! 

come on UG lets try to make this happen!!

 Bowling is a badass, he didn't seem right in his last fight..

 yes he is, I like watching that dude fight..... Duell is a badass as well, which is why I really wanna see this fight happen.

I think it would be both guys toughest opponent to date.

 By the decription,I`m surprised that they have not been matched up for that show. 

 The shine has come off of Bowling in his last 2 fights.  I think he'll get a softer landing spot here.

Freezing Winds - so this is a a thread about roger gracie bowling?

 nah, theres nothing to talk about as far as Roger Gracies bowling skills go....Imean, you'll never see a good strike..

this is about Roger Bowling, Nick Duell, and Ohio MMA 


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Bowling busted his hand or something in his last fight which is why he looked off.

I'd like to see this fight for sure.