Roger Gracie Academy in London?

How far is his school to the London Business School. I will be there for one week in August, and would like to train at his school as much as possible.


The easiest way is probably to take the tube (Circle or District line) from Baker Street to Bayswater and then take a bus (can't remember numbers) from Westbourne Grove. The whole trip should take 30-50 minutes (depending on how temperamental Circle line is feeling that day).

Baker Street to Ladbroke Grove on the Hammersmith and City line (should take 10 to 15 minutes).

Come out of the station, turn left and walk 20 yeards to the bus stop under the bridge.

Take a #23 or a #52 as far as the Sainsbury's (big supermarket), then walk down Kensal Rise.

Here it is on Multimap, look forward to seeing you there.

Any other questions, check out

or you can jump of the Hammersmith and City line at Westbourne Park, turn left out of the park and cut through the little park, this leaves you on Kensal Rise about 5 mins walk from the Acadamy. See you there in August

You guys are great! Thanks a lot- you are lucky to have such a great teacher.

Then again, I have Renzo and all of his guys as well.

There was a very pretty Brazilian girl over the other week who normally train's at Renzo's, so I agree that you are lucky training there :-)

Are there any other BJJ/MMA schools that are closer to where I will be? How far is London Shootfighters?

Thanks again!


Hi all, bringing this thread up again, since I had to cancel my trip last year...

But I will be going next week! I'll definately stop by Roger's a few times.

Anyone know if there are any close bjj school to the London Business School?


yes there is, but why would you go anywhere but Roger's academy? The difference in travel time will be about 15 mins. You have timed it just right, Roger is due back this weekend before heading off to Renzos to train.

I am not in London at the mo but have fun!

"but why would you go anywhere but Roger's academy?"

can't be arsed getting buses all over the place, want to train somewhere cheaper, like a smaller class size, like a particular teacher better, etc, etc

Lots of people in London train at other clubs. Are they all stupid for doing so?

When I was in London I trained at Pancrase London and very occasioally at Carlson Gracie's Academy (Three Stroke).

I recommend both very highly indeed.

Shop around and see what you like.

Roger is the man at the moment though so its hard to recommend going anywhere else first.

Thanks again, I'll definately check it out- esp. if its only a 15 minute difference.

(Now, if it was a 1 hour difference, then it might be different...)

Chancedubois. In my opinion, yes! I'm just sore that I am in Mexico and don't get to train there anymore. ;-)

Chen Moraes teaches at the Budokwai. 3rd Dan Carlson Gracie

"Chen Moraes teaches at the Budokwai. 3rd Dan Carlson Gracie "


Cockneyblue, I think there are other great places to train apart from Roger Gracie's. Depends really on how close you are to the instructors of the place where you train and your level, physical type etc.

Depends also what you want..for MMA london shoot is better for example.

"Chen Moraes teaches at the Budokwai. 3rd Dan Carlson Gracie"
lol, Chen teaches at Anaconda BJJ in Barcelona these days. He isn't a carlson gracie black belt.

In london for BJJ (Gi/No Gi) you could try Roger Gracie Academy - Ladbroke Grove & South Kensington (Roger Gracie, Jude Samuel, Felipe Souza), Carlson Gracie Team - Royal Oak (Nelson Solari, Wilson Jr), Master Team - Marylebone (Roger Brooking), Ze Marcello/BTT - London Bridge (Ze Marcello, Eduardo Carriello), Fight Factory - Liverpool Street (Thiago Borges, Cia Paulista Black Belt).

Check out London Shoot - Latimer Road for MMA and No Gi as well.