Roger Gracie in MMA

What every happened to him in MMA? I thought he was going to do a lot more fighting... or maybe he has been and I'm just out of the loop. He looked like he could be great.

anyone? bueller?

I guess nobody knows

I have been trying to find out myself, he schooled Waterman in his only MMA bout. Definitely would like to see this guy go through an extensive Boxing, Muay Thai, Training Camp and train solely on MMA.

he's really young so he's got plenty of time

but right now he doesn't seem interested in MMA at all.

no offense to a great sub grappler, but he strikes me as the kind of BJJ guy who would lose a belt level every time you hit him. doesn't strike me as being violent or aggressive enough for MMA.

I believe they were talking about working towards a fight between him and Yoshida in WVR. Yoshida has to finish his role as snuff film victim against Josh Barnett first, then Gracie's probably going to get a warm up fight so they can hype up the Judo vs. Jiu-jitsu angle.

There's a fairly recent article on talking about how Josh Barnett is wanting to fight Roger Gracie. Roger was supposed to fight Yoshida, but instead Yoshida is fighting Barnett. That would be an exciting fight (Gracie vrs Barnett) and I hope it happens in the future.