Roger Gracie Seminar Belfast 16/06

To coincide with the UFC coming to Belfast and after many years of not visiting Belfast, Roger Gracie from his win in ADCC 2007 will be doing a 3 hour seminar (1 half gi, 1 half no gi) showing his winning techniques the twice ADCC champion and 5 times world champion has used over the past few years.

The venue will be at Queens University PEC, Belfast.

Cost for attendance will be: £20

For more information please contact Alan at Gracie Barra Belfast


Fantastic news for EVERYBODY who loves BJJ in Belfast!
Who wouldn't be excited at this excellent opportunity to train with surely one of the greatest grapplers ever??!!!

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bah, would help if i'd put the right date in the title...

Don't worry my Fren Heres the details (from the awesome gracie barra belfast website-

Friday 15th, 7:30pm to 9pm - normal BJJ class @ Valley Leisure Centre Newtownabbey

Sat 16th, 1pm to 4pm - 3hr seminar with Roger (half gi, half no gi), at Queens University Belfast. Cost = ?20

Not hard for me to remember obviously- both places I have trained at for years!

actually, got it right by the looks of it.

What about the 2 surprise guests, they coming? would sell more tickets...

They Do the day first than the month across the ocean.

That is a great price--basically $40 American right?  Wow--that's awesome!

What Wacdog says is correct.

Us Irish are cheap, we don't like paying!




For all those traveling to the UFC in Belfast, why not spend the afternoon training with Roger Gracie then head to the UFC in the evening. Now that's what I call a good day out.

dum dum dum....ttt!