Roger Gracie vs Jon Olav Einemo...

The ADCC Organizers could not reach a decision on who should fight Roger Gracie in the Superfight so they formed a sub-committee to vote for two candidates and the winner would be selected.

The candidates are currently in top shape and training to compete in '07 ADCC so they are ready to go:

Jeff Monson - Jeff is a multiple times ADCC Heavyweight Champion ('99) and current over 99KG champion

John Olav Einemo - Einemo was the 2003 U99KG Champion and the last person to beat Roger in ADCC (semi-finals of 2003). In '05 Einemo fought with a torn pectoral muscle and still got 4th place

The winner of the voting and the opponent for Roger Gracie in the Superfight is John Olav Einemo of Norway by a 5 - 1 vote. Head organizer Guy Neivens did not have to cast a vote to break a possible tie

The committee comprised of the following members voted a follows:

Kid Peligro - ADCC Worldwide advisor - John Olav
Marko Leisten- Head of ADCC Europe - John Olav
John Donehue - Head of ADCC Australia - John Olav
Miguel Iturratte - Head of BODOG FIGHT and ADCC USA - John Olav
Mark Robinson - Head of ADCC Africa - Jeff Monson
Peter Baltalkis - ADCC Head Referee - John Olav

Congratulations to John Olav. Fireworks will be the order of the match as Roger will be looking to avenge his loss and John Olav to prove he is the best!

This could be THE most exciting ADCC Superfight ever. May the best man win!!!

PS With Olav out of the over 99KG division there is now an open spot in that weight class. Qualified fighters should submit an email with your entry for consideration

While i think this is more exciting and has more history, i'd have to say that Monson deserves it more given recent competition history. But i do want to see this match more.

This will be a great match! Good choice for replacement.

i think it is difficult to choose a replacement, i would suspect that the guys with the best chance of winning (Monson, Napao and Xande) would prefer to focus on their own weight categories and the absolute.