Roger Gracie

On the ADCC web-site it shows Roger Gracie winning the Absolute
Division. If you follow the brackets though, it has Roger losing to Aoki
and then Werdum. Both Aoki and Werdum don't seem to advance though.

I was curious as to what happened. Did he lose both those matches?

Roget beat both of them, i've seen the video

Roger tapped Aoki with a straight ankle lock and submitted Werdum as well. Roger went 8-0 submitting everyone including Jacare and Xande.

roger is training at renzos these days in new york,dont know how long hes stayin though,hes a beast

Roger was impressive in that tournament, to say the least. He's taken over Royler's position as current best submission grappler in the Gracie family.

Hope he tries his hand at MMA.

He submitted Xande TWICE, BTW. Once in their weight division (88-98 kg) and once in the Absolute.

not only did he tap xande twice, he rnc'd him twice! that is nuts!

The ADCC website results page is very inaccurate when it comes to the results of their own ADCC World Championships - strange, but true!

Are there any HL videos of Roger going around? Love to see some of his subs.

ttt for vid

Poor Xande got RNC'd four times in that tourney.

that should teach the guys not to turtle all the time

"Poor Xande got RNC'd four times in that tourney."

I think it was 3, but that's still a hell of a lot for one event.

"Poor Xande got RNC'd four times in that tourney."

Hehe, I would feel really sorry for him if he did but fortunately for him it was only once by Marcelo and twice by Roger!

Its because of that dumb takedown rule that makes everyone turtle up

So, any compilation vids of Roger? Anyone?

Oopse. For some reason I though Jacare RNC'd him also. He was devistated by the time Garcia got him.

I thought Roger was teaching at Nono's in HB?