Roger Huerta vs War Machine 2morrow...

UWF is tomorrow with Roger Huerta fighting War Machine. Going with Huerta by decision. Your pick?

War Machine via prison shanking round 2.

Scratch that, Huerta by decision.

hows that movie career working out for you roger :(

I'd like Huerta to beat WM into obscurity. KO in round 2

WM by UD

me thinks jail was good for his fighting career

I hope Roger beats WM, as is he a great fighter and I will be ringside supporting him.

War Huerta! Phone Post

WM isnt going anywhere. This is actually gonna be a good fight.

Word is if WM wins this fight then he can start his climb back into one of the big shows.

a few yrs ago this fight would have been on a UFC card.. Roger fighting at 170 too.. has he ever fought at 170??

WM first fight back.