Rogerio's first UFC opponent ? ? ? Who will it be

It probably wont be a big name....UFC likes to 'start them' with crappy debut matches, probably even on the undercard!

I want to see Rogerio vs. Ortiz somewhere down he road...

tito would be a great matchup

Shogun, after he beats Lyoto

Luis Cane seems about right. What's up with Cane anyway? Has he been injured or something? His last fight was 4 months ago and there's been no rumors on his next opponent.


Forrest Griffin

jardine/silva winner would be nice

Griffin would be a great fight to see where Rogerio is at.

I'd love to see a rematch with Shogun, since I thought Rog deserved the win the first time.

Me too but not off the bat.

Also, its gonna be for the UFC fans to see Rog's technical hands and having more power his bro. Im convinced too that everyone forget about how badly Rog schooled Henderson or not that many would have picked Henderson to beat Anderson. Perhaps something was wrong with Dan that night but dam, Dan was owned that night.

Its too bad though that Rog likely wont face Machida (or will Zuffa make them)? Rog matches up with Machida quite well.

cane or tito would be fun.