ROH Champion Kevin Steen Attacks Two Fans

Coming after ROH's iPPV Boiling Point PPV, Steen bt Eddie Kingston in what is reported widely to be a fantastic main event.
However, fans/reporters alike are reporting that he legit attacked two fans who swore and spat at Steen.

PWTorch attendee Sean Radican reported this:
"Afterward, Steen punched a kid right in the face and he bled from the mouth. Another kid also got knocked out. They were not plants. I was a foot away and one dude got knocked out and the second one got clocked, too. I didn't see what the fans did to cause Steen to do what he did, but I'm pretty sure he could have just walked away. Two people got hurt badly.

While a Pro Wrestling Dot Net reader witnessed this from two rows behind:
"Kevin Steen assaulted two fans who mixed words with him post match. Steen grabbed one and made out with him. The man shoved Steen and Steen swung and hit the man in the face and then hit the fan next to him who spat. If these men were plants, they were interacting with us all night and were very convincing as fans. One man bled from the lip. The men were two rows in front of me and Steen POTATOED both."

He made out with him?


Self defence by the sound of it. Phone Post

Dos Huevos Gigante - He made out with him?

He did the same thing to Kingston during the match Phone Post

I am going to assume work until Meltzer tells me otherwise.

Wrestling news world confirmed it was a angle that the 2 people were planted in the audience! Phone Post

Fucking amazing. RoH is on a whole different level.

Steen is great

The guy makes you believe he's a sociopath. Hell he might be

I've said this story a few times on here but a few years ago I was at Steen v. Black for the title when NOBODY liked Steen besides me and my friend. I yelled out "I Love You Steen"

Without hesitation he turned to us and goes "Fuck You" Phone Post

It's was a work!
Steen is top talent should be getting the look from the big leagues ur won't cuz he don't fit Vinny Mac's idea of a wrestler should look like Kevin Steen would run rough shot over Wwe Tna ez Phone Post