ROH gets PPV Deal

Announced today, the deal gets them on in demand and Dish Network. here's the press release. Let me be the first to say HOLY SHIT!!!



PPV/VOD Distribution Deals Bring ROH into 50 Million Households

New York, May 3, 2007 - Ring Of Honor Wrestling (ROH), in association with G-Funk Sports & Entertainment, has concluded programming and distribution deals for PPV and VOD wrestling cards with iN DEMAND Networks, TVN and EchoStar Communications Corporation's DISH NetworkTM, making the critically-acclaimed ROH brand available for the first time ever to approximately 50 million American households. The agreement calls for a card every 60 days from shows both stateside and abroad, and will premiere July 1. A total of six cards are planned throughout '07/'08. ROH owner Cary Silkin made the announcement today with G-Funk's President Ken Gelman. The debut event, entitled "Respect Is Earned," will be taped May 12 in New York City from the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center, and will feature a glistening array of talent from Japan, England, the U.S. and Mexico.

Long revered by a loyal underground fan base, the Philadelphia-based ROH--currently seen on Canadian, British and Japanese TV--appeals to the disenfranchised wrestling fan fed up with storylines which seem to take precedence over the kind of powerful ring competition that ROH specializes in. ROH, in fact, is seen to have the highest level of athleticism in its field today, which recently culminated in a sweep of the 2006 Wrestling Observer awards for "Most Outstanding Wrestler," "Best Brawler," "Best Major Wrestling Show" (ROH took four of its Top 10) and "Best Booker."

"Fans around the world now know that our brand of action is, indeed, the highest-flying, hardest-hitting most daring and acrobatic action presented today," says Mr. Silkin. "We are thrilled that we can finally show a televised audience what our crowds have known for the last six years...that ROH harkens back to an earlier era of wrestling where authenticity still counted for something. There's a magic at our shows that I, as a wrestling fan, had all but given up on."

G-Funk Sports and Entertainment will be handling all marketing and promotion for the wrestling programs, including creation and launch of an affiliate website on May 15,, which will contain easy-to-implement marketing materials and all event information. Each show will also be supported by a range of targeted national consumer advertising and promotion.

According to Mr. Gelman, "Ring Of Honor already has the respect and enthusiastic following of legions of fans around the world through their live events, but represents a fresh new entry into the world of televised wrestling. These distinctive programs will prove a welcome change-of-pace for audiences and a popular new option for cable operators and satellite providers as they expand their transactional offerings."

About iN DEMAND Networks

iN DEMAND Networks is the pioneer and world leader in providing exciting entertainment delivered through television's most innovative technologies. iN DEMAND delivers programming through four distinct areas of business: Pay-Per-View (PPV), Video-On-Demand (VOD), Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) and high-definition (HD) programming. Howard TV (SVOD) is now the exclusive TV home of Howard Stern. PPV programming includes first-run movies, mega events and the digital out-of-market subscription sports packages. VOD includes blockbuster movies and boxing, mixed martial arts and concert events. The company also operates the MOJO network, formerly INHD, a pioneer in HD. The company's shareholders are Comcast iN DEMAND Holdings, Inc., Cox Communications Holdings, Inc., and Time Warner Entertainment - Advance/Newhouse Partnership. Further information about the company can be found at

About TVN Entertainment Corporation
TVN Entertainment Corporation, the leading television on-demand company, works with every major studio, network and telecommunications video provider in North America. TVN is the preferred provider of original on-demand programs and networks. TVN supports an open, advanced technology platform, and offers the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution for licensing, managing, distributing and marketing on-demand content to virtually any platform. For more information about TVN's products and services, please visit

About Echostar Communications Corporation
EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) has been a leader for more than 26 years in satellite TV equipment sales and support worldwide. The Company's DISH Network(TM) is the fastest-growing pay-TV provider in the country since 2000 and currently serves more than 13.1 million satellite TV customers. DISH Network offers a premier line of industry-leading Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and hundreds of video and audio channels as well as the most national HD and International channels in the U.S., Interactive TV, Latino and sports programming. DISH Network also provides a variety of package and price options including the lowest all-digital price in America and the DishDVR Advantage Package. EchoStar is included in the Nasdaq-100 Index (NDX) and is a Fortune 300 company. Visit or call 1-800-333-DISH (3474) for more information.

dammit, no Direct TV?

my thoughts exactly, I have Direct TV also


ttt for ROH

Also, once the PPV deal was announced, TNA pulled their talent from future ROH bookings. So long to Homicide, Austin Aries, and Christopher Daniels. Still plenty of talent around though

ROH is the new age ECW - meaning their work (not the hardcore stuff), but the talent and effort of work, and passion shall be the next catalyst for evolution in the Wrestling World.

Do they have a US TV deal?

not yet shawn

Gotta have a TV deal to promote the PPVs.

This is going to be sweet. American Dragon, KENTA, and Marifuji are scheduled to be at the PPV taping along with the rest of the regulars.

I would imagine Aries will be back when his contract with TNA expires.

These guys look downright crazy- I couldn't recognize half those submissions!

Damn, just reading that article got me hyped about this shit!

They'd better get a tv deal soon, though.

I really don't think they'll be getting a tv deal anytime soon. If they do decide to do tv, it would probably be at least a year down the line

If anyone hasn't seen ROH before, you should really consider picking up some of their DVD's, they put on an amazing show. There's a $10 sale going on at their website right now.

The article above mentioned a bunch of Wrestling Observer awards they won last year, here's the complete list

Most Outstanding Wrestler 2006: Bryan Danielson

Most Improved Wrestler 2006: Takeshi Morishima (current ROH World Champ)

Best Technical Wrestler 2006: Bryan Danielson(2 years in a row)

Bruiser Brody Memorial Award - Best Brawler 2006: Samoa Joe(2 years in a row)

Match of the Year 2006: DoFixer(Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi) vs Blood Generation (Naruki Doi, CIMA & Masato Yoshino)

Best Non-Wrestler 2006: Jim Cornette

Best Major Wrestling Show 2006: ROH Glory By Honor V Night Two

Best Booker 2006: Gabe Sapolsky(3 years in a row)

Pretty damn impressive for an indy company

"Match of the Year 2006: DoFixer(Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi) vs Blood Generation (Naruki Doi, CIMA & Masato Yoshino)"

this had to be the most overrated match of the yr.. though what else do you expect from that douche meltzer. as for the best roh match of 2006, I wld probably go w/ dragon/mcguinness from epic encounter 2..

I wld also go w/ unified as roh show of year, was definitely much better than gbh 5 n2(I don?t think I remember liking a single match on that card, and the main event was a disappointment)

w/ the new ppv deal they really need to up the production(which I heard they are planning to do) and they really need to replace their terrible announcing team. if they had known the may 12 show wld be the first ppv, they should have booked hammerstein.. that wld have been awesome

of the 12 signed thus far, am glad that they locked up guys like mcguinness(the best wrestler in the company, and next world champ!), dragon, double c, richards, romero.. cldnt care less abt the rest. though they have some good talent still unsigned..

and am glad tna pulled joe and cide off the shows, they were both getting really stale in roh..

"this had to be the most overrated match of the yr"

Incorrect. That match was amazing. I saw it live and was blown away, and felt the same way after I saw it again on DVD. Definetly deserves all the hype it gets

"as for the best roh match of 2006, I wld probably go w/ dragon/mcguinness from epic encounter 2.."

I watched that match again last night, and still think their match at Unified was better

"I wld also go w/ unified as roh show of year, was definitely much better than gbh 5 n2"

This could go either way, and I probably agree with you. Don't see how Dragon/KENTA was disappointing though

6 man dragon gate matches are redundant, if you have seen one you have seen them all... and nonetheless that match was nothing more than an exhibition spot fest to introduce the american fans new to the dg japanese lucha style and some of the talent, its a joke that its considered a top 10 match(especially by anyone who has previously watched a dragon gate show). the best matches from the dg tour were when the dg guys went up against roh guys, it freshened things up and provided some interesting match ups

"still think their match at Unified was better"

the unified match was excellent as well, and was much more dramatic w/ the crowd being really hot, but as far as pure wrestling goes it was their epic encounter match all the way, dragon was really on here too, and pulled out some moves I have not seen him do in a while and overall both guys worked much better together the second time around, was a much smoother match

"Don't see how Dragon/KENTA was disappointing though"

this match was definitely a letdown.. dragon really seemed off and was really playing up his injured shoulder which further hindered the match.. you also have to consider that it was a main event of a big show, and had a ton of build up, the match definitely underachieved

watch the noah rematch, comparatively it is clearly superior.

"6 man dragon gate matches are redundant, if you have seen one you have seen them all... "

I almost stopped reading here

"its a joke that its considered a top 10 match(especially by anyone who has previously watched a dragon gate show)"

I've seen all Dragon Gate PPV's and TV from the last 3 years, and my opinion of this match still stands. If it's not a top 10, then name 10 matches that were better

"If it's not a top 10, then name 10 matches that were better"

you're kidding right, there were plenty of matches last yr easily much better than that (you really need to start watching more wrestling than just dragon gate)

how abt..
misawa vs morishima from the march budokan
nakamura vs. tanahashi from december, for the title
hayashi vs kondo from the august sumo show
finlay vs benoit from judgment day
dragon vs kenta 2 from december
bernard vs nagata, nj cup final
ki vs necro from were no joke
regal vs benoit from no mercy
double c vs quack from tpi
kobashi/sasaki vs tenryu/nakajima from february

but forget abt the rest of wrestling for a sec, just look at roh alone last yr.. you had dragons title reign, aries/strong tag title reign, the roh vs czw feud, kentas roh tour.. plenty of matches easily topping that. heck, there were probably 10 matches from the milestone series alone which wld easily top that

I wasn't talking about other feds, I took your comment to mean it wasn't a top ten ROH match.

"(you really need to start watching more wrestling than just dragon gate)"

I watch plenty of wrestling, you know nothing about me or what I do and don't watch, so don't presume to. Of all the matches you listed, I've seen all but Ki/Necro, and I seriously doubt it's better than the DG match.

ROH had some great matches last year, I personally put the DG six man as the 3rd best. It wasn't match of the year but it definetly doesn't deserve to be shit on the way you are