Rohan = sell out

Even Joe said during the fight that sonnet lost the first two then got right on board saying sonnet clearly had the best of it the whole fuckinv fight. BULLSHIT! Fuck you rogan. Bullshit decision and you know it! Phone Post

And I'm a organ and sonnet fan. Or used to be Phone Post

Sonnen won, too many noobs on this board.

I don't know who(?) these "organ" and "sonnet" are, but Sonnen won a very close match.


The fans won, too many crybabies on this board.

It ain't toughman. Chael won. Phone Post

The Riders of Rohan stood shoulder to shoulder with their fellows at Minas Tirith. Rohan is no sell out, sir. Phone Post

Rohan, Organ and Sonnet. Attorneys at law. Phone Post

Rogan said himself that Chael had to win by submission in the third to win. What a joke. Can't wait for Silva to finally kill this worthless hype train.