Roided Mendes in his prime vs drunken old Bisping

Who wins? 

Size matters. 

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Bisping would batter him, psoriasis cream or not


Jab n Jog.

Bisping - with one eye closed

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How drunk/old?

Dead President -

Bisping - with one eye closed

Which eye?

Prime roid Mendes didnt have enough to beat Aldo. Maybe he could dry hump Bisping to a 29-28 on Bispings worst night though who knows. 

Size matters but not as much as everyone thinks 

Mike just hope he doesn’t spill his pint or Chad is really fucked.

Bisping was so hard to take down, even for MW's.

Sometimes I read a thread title and simply laugh

Bisping easily. How do you think mini Mendes would have went against some of the huge MWs that Bisping has beaten? When both guys are skilled, size matters, and bisping is a big guy. 

Depends how drunk

Mendes got 1 punch ko'ed by Frankie Edgar. 

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