Roleta BJJ Books

Just received these books today. They are part of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technical book series from Japan.
Roleta does all the instruction in these all glossy books. They cover all sport BJJ techniques. Guard work, reversals, escapes, attacks and defense are covered in detail. All text is in Japanese, but you can follow the photo sequences very easily. There are plenty of photos throughout the books. Very clear pictures. I do not know how many books will be in this series. Only the first two books have been released so far. On the cover of the books, it states 'Roleta Jiu-Jitsu'. It also has photos from his Mundial appearances on the cover as well. These books were released in June and September, 2003. No idea if there will be any English version releases of these books. They are definitely worth adding to your collection.

where do you purchase them


These books were purchased in Japan for me by a friend.

I did a google search for "roleta jiu-jitsu books" and it came up with a link to the Japanese, and I think you can get one or both of them there.

Can you order anything on there from the US and pay in US funds? Do they ship to the US?

this is one of them I believe....

runs for 1500 yen...which I believe is around $14

That jpg is the cover to one of the books I have.

is this the other Roleta book? how many pages are each?

Yes, that is the cover to the second book. One book is 117 pages and the other book is 127 pages.

I may just have to order these to add to my collection


there is a Japanese book store not too far away in Livonia....might just go there and see (1) if they have them (2) if they can order them. if neither of those work, will probably order from would probably take 2 or 3 weeks to get here. the shipping charges are 1000 yen...and a per item handling fee of 300 yen. this is for International Economy shipping. Amazon has express service also. here's the link for more shipping info....