Rolex Explorer II

Is one classy watch!

Definitely want.

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Good watches. 5 years ago they were relatively easy to get and they are now impossible.

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Interesting. Do you think expensive watches are a good long term investment?

No way to know what the future holds but you can sell them for a premium price right now.

These guys seem to think so

What Time Is It Burn GIF by Cameo

Theres only one way I wear a timepiece.

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The white dial is where it’s at with that one.

I was thinking about trading my car for one. I’d have to walk more but that gives me more opportunity to get compliments on my watch.

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It’s hard to say. My all black GMT 2 has gone up 40%. My Vacheron Constantine Overseas has gone up 20% since I bought it in November.
However that doesn’t mean I could necessarily get those prices selling it myself.

I buy watches because I like them, not for resale value. Unfortunately the flippers are making it impossible for watch enthusiasts to actually get their hands on watches now because of the grey market.


My watches are holding most of their value. But it’s not really a consideration when I purchased.

The secondary market for some brands is outrages.

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Those are nice, for non rich watch nerds check out sangin. They’re great prices and good owners.

I have the polar (white) version. Great watch, and pretty affordable for a Rolex. My favorite watch though, the one that I will have for the rest of my life, is my Rolex Seadweller. It loses five minutes every two weeks but other than that is perfect lol

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Looks like Seamaster.

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I have a 2010. They look good for a really long time.

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I would never buy a modern expensive watch for the purpose of considering it an investment, but Rolex’s tend to hold their value (or go up) really well. But I wouldn’t buy one for that purpose.

I prefer the black faced Explorer with the stainless bracelet, but that’s just me. I’ve thought about buying it on multiple occasions. It’s a watch that goes with everything. If it had a date, while keeping its simple /classic looks, I probably would’ve bought one a while ago

Agreed. I’ve never bought a watch thinking of investment value. I only buy them because I like them.

This thread makes me sad. Last night got an uber and entered the vehicle as the guy called me over. I was drunk and he wasn’t an Uber driver. Guy gave me a bottle of water and that’s the last thing I remember- woke up missing $400 and my Rolex. Went to file a police report and they won’t even take it as I can’t remember anything so I ha e no prof WTF??? NYC police are pathetic. Mother fuckers slipping mickeys and ripping people off

If you can get a good price on the second hand market, it will usually at least hold it’s value.

It’s also crazy what makes a watch worth $10,000 versus, say, $50,000. Like a Red Sub.

Sorry to hear that. That’s got to be heartbreaking.