Rolex Replicas

If one were to want the prestige of a Rolex without the ungodly price that accompanies it, where would one go online? I see several sites that sell, seemingly, flawless replicas. I know the OG only buys the authentic shit but, if one were so inclined, where would they go for a pristine fake?

…asking for a friend.

You’d go to the UG… That’s where the fags hang out.



No, dude. I said in the OP, I’m asking for a friend. A friend!!!

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Why would you want to pretend to be a pretentious douchebag?

Seems a bit redundant.


There are so many cooler brands for less money that I can’t imagine doing this.

The only time I ever go Rolex is if I can get the gold on gold-crown.

& I’m wearing a jade green tracksuit.

With lots of cocaine.

& I’m driving that ‘87 Caprice.



Rumor has it that these guys are reliable:

Rumor also has it that the Noob Factory Rolex replicas are good shit.

It’s not just pretenders that are wearing replicas. Plenty of people who also own the real deal are wearing reps to foreign countries, etc. Just not worth risking your life over a watch in the event that you get robbed.

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Why’d you remove Gibbs?

I need something to match my 16oz Cuban link chain and I spent all my money on my 16oz Cuban link chain.

Once you get the watch, there are ways to turn a Pontiac Fiero into a lookalike Ferrari. You’ll be on your way.

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Just a tip that you should know. Even a replica Rolex is going to cost you around $3000.

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Show me.

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Oh, man…

You need one of these:

They’re less than $100

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Save your money and look at Omega and Panerai. It’s ridiculous to buy a fake piece of shit!