Rolker Gracie in Pennsylvania

Legendary Gracie Humaita co-leader Rolker Gracie will be touring the East Coast for a seminar series.

The 4th degree black belt will be hitting many of the Royce Gracie Network academies, including two in Pennsylvania.

On Thursday, February 26, Gracie will be at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Training Association of Philadelphia located at 6443 Frankford Blvd., in Philadelphia, PA 19135. Contact Joe Guido at 215-338-1620 for more information.

On Friday, February 27, Gracie will be at Grapple Ltd in the Spectrum Health and Racquet Club located at 151 Terrance Drive in Blakely, PA 18447. Contact Mark Brunnett at 570-383-6669 for more information.