Roll Call

This is a great idea. Everyone from Indiana, check in.

Keith Palmer

Integrated Fighting/Ring Sports Training Center

I agree

Jeff Malott

ISCF Director

Where is the closest place to Camp Atterbery to train? I am
heading over there soon for a few months. I think it is south of
Indianapolis. Thanks!

Team Indiana baby!!!

Keith Wisniewski
(219) 762-6998

Bloomington will probably be the closest. I know there's a group that trains there, but I'm not sure of who to get in touch with about it.

gubbs- Integrated Fighting/Ringsports is on Shelby St. about 20 yards from where it intersect's with Washington St. very near downtown Indy. It's probably about 25 mintutes from Attebury. I've spent some time at atturbury myself and must say it's not a fun place to be, though Inianapolis is close and the girls in Columbus are very friendly as well.

Should I go to the other states' forums and talk shit on Indiana's behalf?

keep it instate you Indiandertals

"Should I go to the other states' forums and talk shit on Indiana's behalf?"

Go Keith! Lay the smack down for us Hoosiers!

Patrick Robinson
Robinson's Martial Arts

Thanks for the info PolishConnection. I will be in the area for a
few months until we ship to Iraq. I'm looking for someplace to
train during what little time I may have off. Thanks again!

I'm an indiana boy, grew up in Warsaw.

Hi Keith! Thanks for the message--I'll be calling you soon!

The Bloomington MMA crew is at Monroe County Martial Arts and can be reached at (812) 339-5425.

They do Erik Paulson's CSW and have him in for seminars at least once a year (go Uncle Erik!!!). Also represented there is Ajarn Chai's Muay Thai kickboxing.

Indiana University also has a strong Brazilain jiu- jitsu program.

Greenwood Indiana offers the Indiana Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu Academy (go james!).

Go Indiana!!!!!



I feel slighted that you did not mention the IU BJJ Club no more free training for you ;).

Team Caique at IU representing! Bloomington!

Instructor Indiana University Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

p.s. Indy is closer to Atterbury than Bloomington, though we would love to have you down to train.


Don't Tim!!!! PLease don't amke me feel guilty--I was raised CATHOLIC and now I'll have to berate and beat myself until you absolve me!!!!!!!!

Sorry about that :) It was pretty late last night when I posted.

The IU Brazilan Jiu-jitsu Team is AMAZING and run by some very experienced and very technical (as well as very HOT!!) instructors.

:0 (forgive?)

Sidemount Enterprises working with IF & Ringsports. We offer a variety of fight services including: management; networking; judging; and matchmaking among other services. TTT for Indiana.

Are there any places to trian in Ft. Wayne, I will be home for about a week for Christmas and would like to be able to at least roll with some people.

Would even consider doing a seminar if anyone was interested.

Jon Fitch

Nothing but love Jules!

Just give me some hail mary's and its all good



What are you looking for in Fort Wayne? Jiu-jitsu? Contact Jay Luce--I'll have to give you the info later, I can't find it now. And, if you want to train muay Thai or boxing. Email me at


Kourtney McCarty

Thanks Kourtney,
I am looking mostly for a place to roll. Gi or no gi doesn't matter. I just don't want to have to do nothing for 5 days. I appritiate the help.

Jon Fitch

Will do, Father Tim....

Kourtney!!!! Go Team Sorbitol!!!


The Indiana Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy is right up the street from Atterbury.

James Clingerman

OH....... and hello everyone from Indy!!