Roll Free or Die

Kenny Florian is beginning to build up his BJJ Network. My branch is located in Concord, NH.

Come on by and train with us for free.

Did he say free? GTFO!

You read that right. I get the gym space for free, and I'm not in it to make any money - just to train, get better and make friends.

When Kenny comes up to teach, we support him with very reasonable seminar fees.

Roll Free or Die!


Right on!!!

Kenny is now more famous for UFC, etc. but he is an awesome pure BJJ player as well. Any chance to train with him is highly recommended!!!


Best of luck!

Hah! John Frankl - I got your DVD from Chris Owenz and it was awesome.

I continue to use many of the techniques you covered as staples in my game. Good stuff bro!


Rock on James! You are in great hands with Kenny. Please give him my best.


very cool passing on the sport best of luck