Roll Your Own - At Home?

How many days do you train each week in class AND in between class at home.

5 classes a week.... roll with friends on weekends

Wow. Five a week plus.

You da man.

8-11 @ academy ( 2 locations under same instructor)


When I saw "Roll Your Own", I thought this was a spin-off thread.


Is that 8-11 hours a week or 8-11 times a week?

All you people that get to roll like a dozen times a week are lucky.

Here in Saginaw MI we have class tuesday night, we sometimes have class friday, and I also do Judo on thursday night.

I have matts in my basement and not once has someone come over so we can roll. (I didn't think I smelled that bad.)

So when I can't roll I just work on conditioning.

Saginaw, that sounds familiar to me. I'd love to train as much as these people. I've got practice envy.

That's really why I asked the question in the first place. I'd like to see what some typical times are for in-class and out-of-class training.

Atlatl - times a week @ 1.5 - 3.0 hours.

That's pretty much all JJ with wrestling take downs, and drills, and sparring...we just had the lightweight world champ Daniel Moraes staying here doing seminars. It was a great oppotunity for me to take advantage of.

Atlatl - are you in the ATL?

i roll 5-6 days a week depending on my work schedule.

I go to Bjj at least 2 times a week want to make it 3 times a week and I will usually get together with a buddy to train at least 1-2 times a week.


Do you know Mike Fortin or Tom McCartney?

I train twice a week with my instructor, twice a week with a friend and once or twice a week on my own.

If only watching video tapes counted I'd put all you guys to shame. LOL


No. Are they somebody you know from my area?

Yes, they are both from Saginaw, MI. Went to Saginaw HS. I went to college with them in Dayton Oh. We graduated in 94. Tom married a girl from Saginaw named April I think. I also met a guy named Williams. I think his first name was Dave. Fortin and Williams were crazy ass mofos. Just curious as to what they were up to if you knew them.

Thanks, Pete Pelter

hey Atlanta guys!! I would love to have more guys come and roll! Got a good set up in my basement. If interested, drop me a line

I train on my own. Most of the times 4-5 times a week with different partners. In my basement I have a nice matted area a couple heavy bags, sparring gear, mits,some large mirrors, and a B.O.B

I'll have to ask some of the guys from class if they know them, there's two places to train in Saginaw and it's possible they might of trained at the other place in town and some of the guys in class came from there. All the guys in my class have been around a lot longer too so that might help.


cool. If you do catch up with them, tell them Pete Pelter said hi. Williams probably won't remember me as I only met him once. I could not pick him out of a line up most likely. Just remember the name and that he was loose as a goose.