Rolled by Christian Montes gym NY

Hey All,

I was in NY recently for my honeymoon and decided to stop past
Christians Montes' Gym.. here are my thoughts...

(drum roll please).....

I dropped in to say hi on a monday evening.. class was going to start
soon, guys warming up, slow rolling, exchanging ideas etc.. Christian
saw me and got up to say hello staright away, very cool considering i
could have been a complete stranger. I hate it when you check out a
school and the coach / instructor ignores you or acts like you dont

I introduced myself and felt welcomed, i was invited to check out the
class for a bit and come by to train with them on the Wednesday.

I stuck around and was impressed with the level of coaching going on..
there were some pretty complex techniques being broken down and
explained in a manageable / learnable format. i wont go into the
techniques too much, but i liked the gift wrap from closed guard to
either reach under sweep or armbar. VERY NICE!

Wednesday came and i was nervous as hell.. always difficult to walk
into someone elses gym and put your game out there and on the line.
guess thats a ego thing that we all have to fight :)

I trained with one of Christians students.. cant remember his name
(sorry) Very cool guy who has been rolling close on a year.. nice game.
We did a few half guard pass techniques and variations in the class.
Very nice techniques that deal with a difficult position to be in (vined
leg from the half guard)

After the class i rolled with Chrisitans student, he really has a strong
game for under a year, and this can only be a testament to Christian
and his coaching style - well done bro, carry on and you will be

I rolled with Christian afterwards, we both have very different styles so
it was a awesome match up.. there wasn't much stalling either, it was a
constant flow from one position to the next and one counter to the
next, Christian got the better of me with a crossed over arm neck crank
(his Fav move) nice one Bro!

All in all, i learnt alot and made some new friends.. You guys all rock.

BTW - It was great to hear that Christian is teaching all his students the
Crazy money and spreading the word.

Thanks so much for the hospitality and Please let me know if you ever
want to come out here so i can return the favor.

Heres a pic of the class... im the bald one in the rash vest.

Sounds cool. I was hoping to have met Christian at the Spring Camp.
maybe next time.

super coach with a great game... wish i had more time to train with

Awesome pic I am the one on the far rigth with the blue belt and atama flag gi. Christian is a great instructor and the guy's get better and better everyweek. Also a big congrats has to go out to Jasper for getting his blue belt it's very well deserved.


SBGi Africa training at SBGi NY. . .I like it! : )

Good to see you in the states Marc. When will you visit the best Coast. . .I mean the West Coast?

Christian Montes = Cool.

One of the reasons I joined SBG.


Hey Matt..

States was tight! will visit the west on the next trip.. maybe a camp?

Hey John,

Nice to hear from you... congrats to Jasper.

Sorry i didnt get a chance to roll with you, next time. - ps what is the
guys name who i trained with?


i think you where taking about adam. His game has also jumped up a lot recently.


thanks for the kind words. hope you had a great honeymoon and your trip to NYC was a memorable one. it was a pleasure to have you on the mats. i'm always impressed by the skill, attitude, and overall coolness of all the visitors i've been lucky enough to host from other SBG's around the world. you are more than welcome back anytime! i will most definitely try to make my way over to your side of the world one of these days, maybe someone will bring me along to let me carry their luggage next time they're over there! i also need to start making my way towards the west coast as well.

yes, you are talking about Adam Blake ... a rockstar on and off the mats. he only knows one way to pose for the photo ops. great partner - his game gets better every time he get on the mat.

Fletch (my man in the real G-Unit) along with Lu, Jon, T3, and the rest of the So-Flo group are part of the reason i am proud to be part of the SBG!

oh and in case anyone was wondering ... i am the really, really good-looking guy standing next to Marc ;-)

ha ha ha ha..holy shit..Adam Blake from h2o??..ha ha..I knew he looked familiar.
Tell him Kevin Mack from Philly(Ray Cappos friend) says HI and I hope he got something out of those Tony Robbins books. ;)

Christian, will you guys be able to make the Holloween camp in FLA? Tell Adam he better be there as well! : )


apologies on flaking on Portland ... AGAIN! too much going on. i know its always a good time out there, but "Best Coast"??? ninja please!

Florida is never a problem. is this Halloween camp replacing your annual ODMA seminar or is that being rescheduled? FLA is closer and a little more convenient for me and my guys right now. SBGi-NYC will most definitely be at the Halloween Camp this year!

Adam has told me really good things about Ray Cappo's Jits game ... i think he's in a band or something too, right? :) He's pretty psyched right now cuz he just told me he met "Taimak" (the Last Dragon) at the bar he works at this afternoon. Only in New York! "Who's the Mastah?!?!"

Christian = certified Gangsta!

ninja please = LOL LOL LOL