Rolled with a fake BJJ black belt.

they are out there...

Dreamer, you really shouldnt go round telling people you're a blackbelt when you're not.

lol, you beat me to it dreamer - i was about to ask if it was you!

I am a green belt (I think) in Aikijutsu. The Martial Arts instructor at Old Dominion University taught this in the 80s, and I took it for a semester. 1/2 of the classes were straight Aikido, 1/2 of the classes were straight Karate. He was actually quite an impressive guy - though I could not necessarily say the same for his black belts.

Ronald McDojo is a crusader for BJJ!!!

Rodd is correct. A friend of mine is a jujitsu black belt. He never tries to pace himself off as something he is not but when ever asked about his black belt the follow up is always from what Gracie. Alot of JJJ guys don't try to pass themselves of as a BJJ guy but most noobs just assume they are. That being said there was a time back a friend of mine wanted to take Akido so he asked me to go with him to see what a thought of the school. It seemed like a good dojo and the instructor new alot about Akido. He got the vibe that my friend wasn't really interested. So he then told us he is also a certified BJJ instructor. I was now interested so I asked who cerified him. He pointed at the certs framed on the wall when I looked at them I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing they were the certs you got when you ordered the old Carlson jr sets from blackbelt mag.

Nice job Ronald.  Way to McTap his ass out and set him straight!

I was taught that "do" is just the japanese version of "jutsu" ... which is chinese

so anything ending in "do" is Japanese and anything ending in "jutsu (jitsu)" is from china

I dont know tho

so hapkido is japanese? i think you got duped

Ju, or Jiu, is from the Chinese character rou meaning yielding or soft.

Do is from the Chinese character dao meaning way or path.

Jitsu is from the Chinese character shu meaning skill or technique.

If you were taught different, you were taught by someone who didn't speak Chinese or Japanese.

i'll take your word for it but only because i can't pronounce you name

Ronalds not black, he's a little, bitty Messican.

i believe you, i wasnt sure anyways

For you corrections and fellow l.e. officers, see if you guys are able to participate in our joint task force training and defensive tactics. I am one of the instructors and we train with pretty much anyone with thw need or knowledge to share. Most of our training is bjj and mma. E-mail me if any of you are interested

Way to go Ronald, way to expose the Fake BJJ Black Belt

i have a fake white belt


 I believe everything you post!


ttt, know what i mean>?


"I hate it when people tell other people "hey, that guy is a brown belt in jiu-jitsu"."

That's why I specifically say Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Not just Jiu Jitsu. I've got a whole pile of soft-core JJ practitioners at work. Standing shoulder armbars and zero-control wristlocks everywhere!

alas poor chimono....