Rolled with Freaky Strength guy:(

We had a new guy come to class the other day.He is a GG Boxer but has 0 ground at all.The dude is like 6'3 and pretty much a solid 240.I weigh 240 but I should be around 205 so I paired up with him after going over a few technigues.
We started from our knees and we locked up.I got double underhooks and he literally just slammed me in sidemount.He held me there for 3 minutes till the timer ran out.We started again from our knees and I tried to get a Thai Clinch and schuck him down.He just pushes me back and I slide on my ass like 6 feet and I land on my back.
He goes to my guard and I attempt a armbar and he lifts me up like 4 feet in thhe air with one arm.Timer runs out again with him holding me in sidemount.
We start from the feet this time and I shoot a sloppy Double.By this time I am actually intimidated by his strength.He sprawls and hugs me and literally crushes my Rib cages with his arms.I then takes my back really quick and jerks me back in soem type of head lock brain squeeze.It wasn't even a choke but he was gonna pop my head off so I tapped.

Now I suck on the ground and am still a beginner.But I have been training on and off for about a year in a half barring injuries.Has anybody ever experienced somebody that was soo strong that it just nullified any technique?Obviously this gonna be directed towards guys like me who have only trained for a year or so.

This guy also had a Grip like a Vise.I asked him what he did strength training wise and the only thing he really did was Boxing and TONS of Farmwork and haybailing all his life.

lock-Thats what I figured my technigue is lacking and soemtimes I rely on my own strength.

People often say the same thing after going against me, but with my superior techique I rarely have to rely on strength...just kidding. JKB

I had similar problems with a guy who weighed about 260 lbs...He's getting some technique so it's getting more difficult to spar with him at times...

He had that freakish strength you were talking about...

Increase the amount of pushups you do and try to use his leverage against might want to work on your speed too...some times you can beat him to particular positions, if you try to speed up...

TYCOONMAN-Like I said I weigh 240 but should be around 205 or so.I am definitely sluggish at this weight It was scary rolling with somebody that really weighed 240.I felt like a small child against him:(

My friends set up a wrestling match with me against some giant mongoloid over hotel hot tub rights one night. He hadn't done ever wreslted at all so I pinned him twice quickly. The third match he caught me in a guillotine (which I'm sure he had no idea he had done) and squeezed the shit out of me. I was in side control and it was no where close to anywhere he could choke me. The fucker just kept squeezing and I felt a crown in my mouth move. TAP TAP TAP.

You shouldn't feel too bad about it. Instead, take it as a motivation to improve yourself. Learn proper techniques and drill them till it hurts. Work on your speed until it hurts, etc. You get the point.

There's always going to be people out there who are bigger and stronger. You have to learn how to negotiate around that kind of obstacle. You can't rely on brute strength alone. Be smarter than that.

Lord Humoungous-

My IMO...Its your plan of attack. You shouldn't confront him straight on...I'd try to get past him and take his back.

Of course I'm talking in generalities but I think with a guy that is that strong, going to his back is the best way to go.

Two words. Gogo Plata. Well one word but whatever

"try training with Jim York he's the strongest guy im MMA"

Stronger than Ambriz.

Look at some of Ryan Hall's videos for inspiration.

"i have a friend who fights at 155lbs, he's probably the best grappler in texas, he can roll up 250 lbers like no other. guys that bench 350 and squat well over 600...its insane they toss him around like a ragdoll but he locks on and taps em"

Who are you talking about Lock?

the best grappler in Texas does not fight at 155.

The best Grappler in Texas is Carlos Machado.... followed by Travis Lutter/Kenny Mclure.

Buddy clinton fights at 155 but would not be considered the best grappler in Texas although he is damn good and probably in the top 10.

'look at what royce gracie did with kimo'

Agreed - u shoulda pulled his hair.

technique is whats important...

but strength makes up for alot.

Proof that NFL linebackers would own anyone in a street fight.

I'm a mason & stone guy...I get the "you're pretty stong for your size" often (I'm 5'9 190 give or take) & had a 170 lb (sort of) newbie come in & own me last year...he was a carpet kicker, found out later he wrestled in high school but sweet baby jesus he was strong...literally picking me up out of doubles & stiff-arming out of clinches.

It was like grappling with an ape.

He always either tapped or gassed out but beat the hell out of me up to that...he disappeared after a month or 2.

I rolled with a 56 year old man the other day that had me in a headlock for 8 minutes. He was apparently a good rugby player back in the day, and he about ripped my head off several times.

The guy is gonna be there tomorrow night so any suggestions on what I should maybe do?

My Triangle sucks and my Armbar from the guard kinda sucks too cause my gut gets in the way:(
I am figuring just going to guard instead of wasting energy trying to take him down or getting caught in a bad position.I was figuring somehow reversing him or taking his back.

I also forgot to say that I did work from his guard and passed it fairly easy and had sidemount.The only Problem is the guy had a grip on my wrists liek a Vise.I catually had bruises on them the next day:(